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I cannot login into the iTunes-Store or iTunes-Account on my MacBook Pro. The following problem occures:

1) I type in the correct Apple-ID and password,

2) my Apple-ID appears in the left corner in iTunes - but nevertheless:

3) iTunes repeatedly asks for my password - again and again. I am absolutely sure that I typed in the correct password, because I also use the same Apple-ID + password on my iMac and everything is fine on the iMac (but not on my MacBook Pro).


Additional information:

  • My girlfriend and me use the same mac + itunes to log in with each our Apple-IDs: The same problem for her on my MacBook.
  • I already reinstalled the newest iTunes Version from apple.com
  • On my iMac everything works fine (with both accounts).


Could you please help me?


MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)