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Calico freerun Level 1 (0 points)

What is the best computer? The best software? The best external storage? The best ram? 3D editing? Everything!!!!!!


Running full HD and 720p at 60 fps videos. Clips ranging from a few seconds to 10-30 minutes.


Cost isn't an issue.


What is the best set up, not the most excessive. If it doesn't need to be there or it isn't greatly needed I would like to know. This is looking at the production aspects, not the camera and such. What is the best plug in for slow motion? Pros and Cons of the set up?


I would greatly appriciate everyones input in this. Thank you so much.

Final Cut Pro X
  • Darko Ibrahimpasic1 Level 2 (325 points)

    That is a hard question to answer.. Nothing is best for everyone... However if i am to generalize it I would put it this way.. If you want to cut everything from a short promos to hollywood pictures..


    A high end windows pc (only cause mac pro hasn't been updated in ages)

    Avid Media Composer with Nitrus DX

    Two monitors

    Broadcast monitor

    HD Deck

    pimping 5.1 speakers

    A good mixer



    You are looking at over 70,000 or 80,000, could even approach even more.. HD decks run atleast 15k.

    If price is not an issue then there you go....


    However this is not realistic for most people nor best solution by no means... I run a macbook pro with Avid (as primary) Final Cut 7, Final Cut X (for practice, didn't have to use it for a job yet), and Premiere (just in case)

    I am a final cut child who grew up on it and love it however everything I am doing in last few years is on AVID...

    Have a second monitor..


    I am very portable and rest of the gear I usually get where ever I work at.. I am looking into getting a good broadcast monitor connected with AJA thunderbolt..


    Like I said this is very open question, there is no (BEST) it all depends what you will be doing.. If you get AVID (which can do everything, however is cluncky as **** and counter intuitive) but you are only cutting wedding videos and short format stuff, it would be an overkill galore.. Just get FCP X in that case... Simple,easy, one app...


    Be more specific and you will get clearer answers..

  • Calico freerun Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for the input.


    Presently I am running Finalcut pro X on my macbook pro, 8G of ram, quad-core. Going to get thunderbolt display, as a second screen. I'm probably going to get After effects (have Motion right now but haven't used it much at all because of the learning curve) and I was debating wether or not to get Premier along with it and stop using FCP X.


    My main thought is should I go with the 8-12 core Mac pro, put 16g of ram into it. Or go to the Mac pro with 8-12 cores and 32g of ram. Talked with an apple representative and they suggested to go to the Mac pro.


    For speakers I'm using studio headphones. I'm doing mainly profession stunting showreels, short films, and independent movies.


    Is AVID worth it? Better then FCP X or Premier?

  • innocentius Level 4 (1,880 points)

    This is FCPX forum. You can download trial versions of Avid and Premiere and try for your self

  • Calico freerun Level 1 (0 points)

    Realized I messed up with my last reply.


    My main thought is wether or not I should go with an iMac quad-core, 16g ram. Or go for the Mac pro with 8-12 cores and 32g of ram. Apple says go with the Mac pro.


    Sorry for the mix up.

  • Darko Ibrahimpasic1 Level 2 (325 points)

    I would personally stay away from Mac pro until it updates and if it does. Last time they updated Mac pro was 2010.. It is fast, very fast but spending so much money on a two years old set up is not something I am willing to plunge my money into...Also Mac pro has no thunderbolt.. Huge drawback since all new external boxes are thunderbolt...


    I would go with top of the line iMac...

  • Meg The Dog Level 6 (10,880 points)

    You may want to look at his before you decide:





  • Darko Ibrahimpasic1 Level 2 (325 points)

    You must have not read my first post meg. I am not saying that Mac pro is bad choice.. I am saying Mac pro is a bad choice right now.. Its a 2 year old machine... And besides what the guy in the video say, there is no delaying it that thunderbolt is a advantage on a pro level.

  • Calico freerun Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree with the guy but I'm not looking to add all these things through thunderbolt. I would only really use it for the dual screen feature.


    Thunderbolt wasn't the selling point for me.

  • Studio X Level 7 (27,030 points)

    Actually, thunderbolt is NOT an advantage at the pro level. It is an extremely limited bus and there are a VERY small number of devices that support it. It is another effort by apple to pass off consumer level stuff as professional.


    The simple answer is -  if you need a piece of equipment now and can justify the expense, buy it now. If you don't or can't - then put the purchase off.



  • Calico freerun Level 1 (0 points)



    So you would suggest just to go for the iMac, even though it's not much of an upgrade aside from the additional ram? right now I'm using quad-core, 8g ram MacBook pro. Would there be much of a difference or should I just get a second screen and external hard drives?

  • Studio X Level 7 (27,030 points)

    If you are serious about editing and need a setup to generate broadcast ready output, there is no substitute for a Mac Pro. I don't care if the current model is a couple of years old, it is still light years bettter than an iMac.


    With an iMac there is NO internal expandibility, zero modularity (ie screen dies, throw out the box) and any additional capabilites have to be hung off the box. It is a nightmare configuration scenario.



  • Calico freerun Level 1 (0 points)

    That's just it, I don't need broadcast ready. I need it for independent movies, profesional showreels, and short films. If after you consider that, is the Mac Pro still the best choice with out having excess. That is where my problem is.


    I need to know wether the iMac is a big change or just a meh kinda change from what I have now.

  • Studio X Level 7 (27,030 points)

    I need it for independent movies, profesional showreels, and short films.


    If you are talking about sending stuff to Telluride, Park City, or other festivals, as well as sending material to broadcast/ feature film agents, then yes, the abilty to control color and clearly monitor output matters.


    If you are talking about sending stuff to youtube, then it doesn't matter.


    iMacs are nice cutting stations but do not offer the serious horsepower for color correction and external reference monitoring.


    Have fun.



  • Calico freerun Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you!!!!!



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