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I've been using a 6870 in my Mac Pro 1,1 for over 6 months now with virtually no issues (some minor artifacting a few times).  Earlier this week, the Mac Pro would no longer display any video.  Display works fine, as I've tested it with a Mini.  I tried connecting a different display to the Mac Pro, still no video.  I've tried removing RAM, resetting SMC, PRAM, etc....


The Mac Pro chimes, boots up fine, keyboard responds.  Only issue I can find is with the lack of video.


I tested it with another brand new 6870, and still no video.


I thought perhaps I downloaded some kind of Apple update that affected the 6870 working with it, but I can't seem to find anyone else with this issue on the forums.  Thanks for any advice/help.



BTW, I've also tried booting from a drive with Snow Leopard as well as powering on with no drives installed to see if I could get the flashing folder.  Still no video of any kind.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    The use of 6870 in a 1,1 means NO BOOT SCREEN since there is no EFI32 EFI for them.


    So, this could just mean that something is stopping the boot process before it gets to desktop.


    You should have an EFI card on hand for times like this.


    An old 2600XT would be ideal, works in all Mac Pros and doesn't need power plugs.


    Ot use "screen sharing" to log in from another Mac and see hwat is going on.


    Perhaps one of your power plugs has gone bad?