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HI All, 

  Just bought a Time Capsule and it is telling me I have  no DNS server, no internet connection nothing.  Except when I unplug the very same ethernet cord from the TC and into the Mac (on which I am now typing) I have internet?! I am trying to setup TC for a backup of my hard drive and I can't get beyond step one. Please Advise!!  Thanks!

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    And yes, I have unplugged the modem and re-staritng everything.

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    What kind of modem.. what ISP broadband service?


    If you have cable it sometimes take 15min or more for the cable service to reset.


    But need more info to help.


    Also tell us are you getting a public IP onto the WAN of the TC? Any IP at all?

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    All of this is in my home- our dsl server is AT&T and the modem we have from them is a 2WIRE Gateway.  It is not public and we have it password encrypted for what is worth.

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    Ok, the issue here is both are running the same IP subnet.. so it doesn't work even in double NAT.


    Fix is easy.. leave the TC disconnected from network, but plugged by ethernet into your computer.. press and hold in the reset for 10sec until LED flashes rapidly..


    If you use Lion the airport utility v6 is near useless. Download 5.6 for lion..



    Go to the manual setup, internet tab.. select Connection Sharing at the bottom.. (I hope its there.. I will use Lion when they fix the network=probably never) select off bridged mode.. update the TC..


    Now plug it into the modem and it should be able to complete the setup.. !! Although with Lion it is still doubtful.

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    Thanks-I will give it a try as instructed and report back accordingly.  Quick question for you (and I am obviously new to all of this) why is it still doubtful with Lion?  (My Apple is an Mac OS X 10.7.3) so I am curious as to what my first experience with Apple will be!)   Thanks!

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    I am just being my usual obnoxious self.. righteous.. geek.


    But Apple did make a bit of a mess with Lion networking.. and it is just not as solid as with SL. At least at its final revision..

    The link between TC and Lion seems to get lost on  a daily basis.. you will need to constantly reboot.. there is a major issue with AFP dropping out.. so you keep getting server disconnected messages.. I also get those on SL with 7.6 and later firmware on the TC.. none at all when I go back to 7.5.2. It seems also TM has issues if there are other users on the network also backing up.. people are getting issues where they cannot open the sparsebundle.


    I am also escapee from windows.. and what I was trying to escape was crummy networking.. so diving into Lion issues... no thankyou.


    A few things I picked up.

    Use ethernet not wireless if at all possible.. much worse on wifi links.

    Rename to the TC to SMB.. the irony of it.. ie windows networking.. Use short names no spaces no special characters.. Apple defaults to names which seem over complex and not conforming to the SMB world but since AFP also has trouble.. better to apply those rules.. so

    TC name.. TCGen4 Or TCKelley.. great.. Kelley's TC breaks all the rules.


    Wireless name.. TC24ghz.. and separate name for 5ghz.. TC5ghz.. not TC 2.4ghz.. wrong

    Passwords can be 8-12 characters.. pure alphanumeric.. no spaces no special characters.


    This won't cure it but it seems to help.

    Lock the channel for wireless. also helps.

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      Ok- no success on my end and I am sure I am to blame!  I downloaded the 5.6 airport utility and attempted to proceed as instructed except I hit a roadblock. For the life of me, I could not find the manual setup. I looked for 45 minutes and got no where.  I did change my TC name as instructed and tried to approach this whole issue from different angles but no succes.  Pls advise, (sorry I appear to be such a dunce about this matter!)  Thanks!

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    I don't have lion and so don't have 5.6.. but if you changed the TC name you were already inside manual setup.. so you were looking for what you were already inside of. I only write that in, as when you start airport utility it offers manual setup as an alternative to continue.. using the automated wizard setup.


    The manual setup has the icons across the top.. Screen shot 2012-04-01 at 7.28.18 AM.png

    If the screen you changed the wireless name in looks remotely like that you managed to get inside manual setup without knowing it.. but I could have the wrong name or apple may have changed from 5.5 to 5.6 utility.

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    Thanks!  I thought I had clicked on Airport 5.6 but I was still using v6 and that is why I could not find anything. (What a difference!)  Should I also follow the other changes you have in the screenshot above (changing the wireless security and radio mode)? 

    In the meantime, it is currently "validating the tc configuration" which is taking a while but I appear to have internet (via the tc) so it seems to be "working" and not just stuck in a loop.


      Please let me know re the other changes and thank you for your patience with me!

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    I would do everything as per the screen shot.. but not all is necessary.. now that things are looking up.. up to you.. but when I setup a TC that has become my standard procedure now.. It is part of geekdom to want control .. leaving stuff on auto means I do not know what it will chose nor do I know how when or why it will suddenly decide to swap channels or change modes.. as such I prefer to remove those possibilities.


    You can run 5.6 alongside 6.0 although I am not sure if you can do it at the same time.

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    Is there any point in running v6? Should I uninstall it? Or leave it be?

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    In addition, it is still "validating" and this has been going on for nearly an hour and a half. Is that normal?  Does it make a difference that it is a 2 TB  time capsule?  Nothing else seems effected and as I mentioned before, I am on the internet courtesy of the TC so something is working. It just seems an awfully long time.

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    kelleyld wrote:


    In addition, it is still "validating" and this has been going on for nearly an hour and a half. Is that normal?  Does it make a difference that it is a 2 TB  time capsule?  Nothing else seems effected and as I mentioned before, I am on the internet courtesy of the TC so something is working. It just seems an awfully long time.

    Validating ??? there shouldn't be anything to validate .. I thought this was a new TC and you had never done a backup.


    If you have existing backup it takes forever over wireless.. do not use wireless for first backup.


    IMO the way I would do this.. kill the validate.. plug the TC into the computer by ethernet.. erase the drive.. assuming there is nothing you actually wanted. Setup TM again and start a new backup.. be prepared to leave it overnight as it is still fairly slow.. but about 5x faster or more than wireless.


    Once you have initial backup it can go back into the network and run backups via wireless which are small incremental.


    On your other question, I doubt you can uninstall 6.. it is part of the OS.. just leave it there.. whenever you need pretty pics of the network you can bring it up.

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    I had this exact problem on an airport extreme too, and after a while of nothing working I finally realized that in the network tab of the airport utility (v6) the "default" setting for mine was bridged mode. Changed it to DHCP and NAT and the alerts instantly went away.

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