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Hi everyone,


I'm having trouble with iPhoto (iPhoto '09 8.1.2) not saving edits that I make to photos.  The edits are visible from the editing panel and in the file thumbnail, but not in the file itself - e.g. when I view the file again, I can only see the edits if I go back into edit mode, not just when I'm looking at the file. 


I know this question has been asked before but none of the existing threads have helped me.


I've tried editing in full screen mode as well as in the main window, and I've tried clicking "Done" as well as the left/right arrows (I don't click escape).


I've deleted my plist and albumdata.xml files.


I've rebuilt the library using the option and command key.


I've created a new library and imported the photos, but the problem persisted.


One thing I've noticed is that the version of the photo that is saved to the Modified photos folder is not updated.  For example, a photo that I edited today and saved shows that it was last modified in August 2011.  I'm not sure why iPhoto is not saving the new edits - or where these edits are being saved (they must be saved somewhere if iPhoto magically finds them when I go into edit mode, but it's not in the Modified photos folder).


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated - I am driving myself crazy trying to figure this out.  Thanks!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    Exactly how are you viewing "the file itself"?




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    Create a new account (systempreferences -> accounts or Users & Groups on 10.7)  and see if the problem is repeated there. If it is, then a re-install of the app might be indicated. If it's not, then it's likely the app is okay and the problem is something in the main account.







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    I have iphoto 11 version 9.2.3 and I'm having the same problem.  I also can't see my photos unless I click on them.  If I try to reinstall the app will I lose my pics?

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    I also can't see my photos unless I click on them. 


    That's a different problem, isn't it? The OP can see the pics but not the edits.


    It sounds like you have an issue seeing the Thumbnails in the iPhoto Window - is that correct? If so, then reinstalling is not the way to go. That won't fix an issue within an Library.


    Back Up and try rebuild the library: hold down the command and option (or alt) keys while launching iPhoto. Use the resulting dialogue to rebuild. Include the option to rebuild the thumbnails. It can take 3 or 4 goes for this to work


    Note: Back Up. You should always have a good back up of all important data on your computer. That's as basic as a helmet on a motorbike or a seatbelt in a car.

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    Thanks Terence and Larry for the quick responses.


    Larry, I should have said that when I view the photo itself in iPhoto, the edits are not visible (e.g. I have to be in edit mode to see previous edits).


    Terence, I tried importing the iPhoto library to a new account, but the problem popped up there too.  If there is a problem with the main account, what do you suggest as a next step?


    Thanks again!

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    Update: I have found one workaround for the problem - if I duplicate the photo, the copy behaves the same way at first, but when I make a new edit and then save, the copy updates itself in the Modified folder and the problem goes away.

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    The idea is to create a new Library in the other account... and see if the issue occurs in that new library






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    Thanks, Terence - I misunderstood.  I created a test account with a new library and added new photos.  I did not have the same problem viewing the edits to those photos.  (However, the problem doesn't happen with every photo in my existing library, so I'm not sure if there is actually no problem in the new library or if I haven't just run into it yet!).  Any thoughts?  Thanks again for your help.