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Please help. I've recently managed to 'lose' 2 years worth of photos from iPhoto ('08).

I am keeping my iPhoto library on an external hard drive (G drive mobile) due to the number of pictures in the library (approx 82GB).

(My computer kept saying that the disk was nearly full and that I had to make some space (MacBook Pro, OS X)).

My problem was caused by me accidently disconnecting the EHD when I meant to disconnect the camera cable.

Since then iPhoto says that I only have 22GB of photos and it only goes up to May 2010.

However, the when i click on the EHD icon, it gives the iPhoto library size as 81.9GB.

I have tried to access the photos in Time Machine (located on a Seagate Free Agent GoFlex Desk ED) but i can't get to any other versions of photos.


I tried to copy the photo library and open from that one (still only 22GB) and I tried rebuilding with iPhoto Library Manager (again, only sees 22GB), i tried to rebuild through iPhoto itself without success.


I know I should have made another back up and not thought that the EHD would be enough ... but i didnt (D'Oh).


Any suggestions as to how I can retireve my photos (and then make another copy of them)???


Thanks in advance,



iPhoto '08, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    To recover from Time Machine try recover the whole Library, rather than just specific images.


    To create and populate a new *iPhoto 08* library:



    Note this will give you a working library with the same Events and pictures as before, however, you will lose your albums, keywords, modified versions, books, calendars etc.



    In the iPhoto Preferences -> Events Uncheck the box at 'Imported Items from the Finder'



    Move the iPhoto Library to the desktop



    Launch iPhoto. It will ask if you wish to create a new Library. Say Yes.



    Go into the iPhoto Library (Right Click -> Show Package Contents) on your desktop and find the Originals folder. From the Originals folder drag the individual Event Folders to the iPhoto Window and it will recreate them in the new library.



    When you're sure all is well you can delete the iPhoto Library on your desktop.



    In the future, in addition to your usual back up routine, you might like to make a copy of the library6.iPhoto file whenever you have made changes to the library as protection against database corruption. 

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    Thanks Terence.

    I am in the process of rebuilding my library as you suggested from the 'show package contents'.

    I am rebuilding on another EHD as I don't have enough room on the desktop.


    As for accessing photos in time machine, I couldn't get to anything. I must have been doing something wrong. I clicked on 'browse backups', and it went into timemachine. I could move up and down the dates on the right hand side but couldn't actually click on anything.

    Not sure where i went wrong.


    Anyway, when I've finished rebuilding the library i'll let you know how it all went.


    Thanks for your time and help.