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Hi Everyone,


I installed Final Cut Studio 3 on my new iMac.


When i open FCP 7 I assign a shortcuts to keyboard layout, but when I close and re-open FCP 7 my commands/shortcuts will be lost...

If I save my layout and I load the profile saved, same thing, shortcuts will be lost.


With my old final cut 6 I never had this problem.


There are any solutions?


Thank everyone!


iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
Reply by deky fanzi on Apr 14, 2012 11:46 AM Helpful

Thank you mishmumken,


I found this Partially solutions for this problem, I think is a apple Bug, I wait for any fix:


Solution for Studio 2 AND Studio 3:


1) Each time you start your computer, go to System Settings - International
2) Change the language from your language to English
3) Change the language from English to your language
4) Start FCP
5) Your shortcuts and the FCP shortcuts work OK


You have to do this each time you restart the computer. People working with the English language setting don't have this problem.


This bug is about 2 years old. Shame on Apple for not solving the problem!!!

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