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I believe that there is something messed up with iTunes for supporting two Apple ID's on the same device.

I have two Apple ID's. One is for the US AppStore, one is for the Hong Kong AppStore. I have used both of them to download apps, some from the US, and some from Hong Kong. It has been working fine until recently, that all my App's downloaded from the HongKong store stopped working. First it happened to my iPhone, now, my iPad had exactly the same symptom, that Apps from the HongKong store don't start anymore, they flash open and close immediately.


I have called Apple support, they asked me to try downloading new apps, and try to switch my AppStore account settings, and also tried to restore my device to the original factory settings, and restore from a backup. But nothing worked.


There seems to be no way to get any help from telephone support, and since this is not a hardware issue, going to an Apple repair shop doesn't help either.


I really feel helpless right now, I have hundreds of apps, and I don't want to re-download them one by one from the US store. It feels like that iTunes authentication mechanism has a flaw that has caused this to happen. I don't know how to get the iTunes team to respond to this?  I am running the latest 10.6.1 on both my Mac and PC. It seems that this version has caused this problem. When will they update iTunes?


Can anyone help, please?

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    I am trying to track down a similar issue.


    Out of curiosity, what version of iOS are you running on your devices (both iPhone and iPad)?



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    The problem happened when both my iPad and iPhone are running iOs 5.1.

    I just updated my iPad to 5.1.1, and the problem did not go away. Actually, the iBooks app was not working for sometime, then there was an update of iBooks in the AppStore. iBooks started working after the update on my iPad. But after I updated my iPad to 5.1.1, the iBooks stopped working again. 


    I need iBooks to read almost everyday, so I finally had to delete iBooks, and use my US account to download it. Apps downloaded by US account works fine. But apps downloaded by HK account mostly don't work. Some started working after an app update. Removing and reinstalling the app don't help.


    Hope that you will fix this soon. It is really annoying.

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    Multiple accounts are not really catered for, multiple national stores even more so.


    If your copy of iTunes is authenticated to both accounts and all the apps are in the library then syncing the device should load up the apps from either account and enable them. You could try signing out of the one account and into the other, then delete and redownload a previously purchased app from that account. That ought to authenticate the device for all apps from that account, but it isn't an issue I've needed to test.



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    "You could try signing out of the one account and into the other, then delete and redownload a previously purchased app from that account. That ought to authenticate the device for all apps from that account"

    I wish I had such luck. I have tried log in and out from both account and remove and sycn with iTunes, none worked. The only way is to remove all apps downloaded by one account and redownload it from another working one, but this will take many hours for over a hundred apps.


    "Multiple accounts are not really catered for, multiple national stores even more so."

    Really hope that Apple has higher stander than this. Many people have cell phones with duel sim cards, why can't iPhone work with multiple accounts? I think that the authentication system definitely has a bug somewhere, hope one day all my apps will be working again.

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    An iOS device is capable of holding protected content from up to 5 different accounts. I've not personally tested that feature with apps but I know it works for media. Every time you connect the device to iTunes it will confirm that the library is authorized for all the protected content on the device and will disable and/or remove anything it isn't happy with. If you're using multiple libraries as well as multiple accounts and multiple regions then it is not that surprising that things are not entirely smooth. Despite the "cut the cord" claim, the iPhone in particular is really only meant to be synced to a single library. Doing anything else is inviting trouble. If everything is set up properly in the library then all you should need to do is restore the device to get everything working again. I keep my library synced between my home and work computers by way of a portable drive which also serves as backup. I can sync with the same library wherever I happen to be, and both libraries are authorized for the all the accounts that I have content from.



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    I have restored the iPhone and iPad a few times, does not solve the problem.

    I suspect that the HongKong store server has something clogging the verification process. Don't know what, but it might be something simple, which was introduced more than a month ago. Hope that there are someone looking over this issue. I also believe that MobileMe flunked, iCloud could also be a mess if Apple don't put more effort in figuring out all the multiple accounts devices and stores issues.

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    I am having the same exact freaking problem! ***!

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    But I don't have a duel account. I just have one. I hit restore, and I lost everything. all my downloaded apps. I figured what ever, and bought them back, and the next day I synced with iTunes, it froze my apps again. And apple wants me to pay them to talk with a rep. I'm a social media networker, I have no freaking time for this.

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    I was hoping Apple will release something to fix iTunes problem during WWDC 2012, but apparently not yet. Don't know how many people are affected by this authentication problem, or which region it is affected. I would assume that not being able to use the apps you have paid for is extremely annoying to a lot of people. Only my HongKong store account is affected, I believe that Apple's authentication service has a bug somewhere. From WWDC 2012, Apple will be relying more on iCloud, which is growing convoluted in complexity, an interesting article at:



    It appears that iTunes 10.6.3 will be release sometimes in the furture, so there is hope. Plus iOS6 is coming in a couple of month, we will have to wait and see.