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I exported all my photos from library of iphoto 08 (7.1.5) to organize them and put them in Aperture (150 gigas). I know there is a process to pass directly to aperture. But I did it manually exporting alll fotos and videos to specific folders. Then I've got all of them out from iphoto but the iphotolibrary is still with 38 gigas of information. 38 gigas is big.

Why is this one? How can I check waht is taking 38 gigas in taht library?

thanks for your help

Mac OS X (10.7.1)
  • Terence Devlin Level 10 (137,883 points)

    Exporting from a Library doesn't remove the images from the Library.






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    Sorry I didn't explain correctly. Iexported all the events (one by one) and then I erased all of them (one by one). Any time I did clean the trash I could see how the size of library was getting down. Curiously at then end of exporting and erasing all photos I still have a library with a size of 38 gigas. In iPhoto I can see 0 event 0 photos and 0 albums and so on.

    How can I check what is still using those 38 gigas? or Why the library is so big even in the case that I have cero (0) photos stored?

    thanks in advance for your help


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    Why not just trash the iPhoto library? That will take care of it.