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Here's the complete setup and situation :

My printer is connect via usb on my Windows 7 PC, that is connect on a wi-fi router.

The wireless network work fine, has I can see my pc from my MB air (that is running on OS Lion) and access files on the pc.

The problem is that I can't print on this printer from my mac via the network.

I connect the printer on the mac via usb to install the P1005 pilot (was not on the native list). It help me to install the printer, that worked just fine this way.

Taught I was briliant and that my network problem was settle : not at all!

I can reach the printer that seem available but when I try to print, the printer go in "Paused" state, indicating that "authentication is required".

Anybody have suggestion?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3), printer