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I've used Match to put a bunch of songs on my 16GB iPad and now I've run out of memory and need to remove some of them.  How do I remove them from the iPad without Match automatically deleting them from iCloud and iTunes on my laptop?  I only want to take the songs off the iPad.

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    This is a topic that has been covered in-depth on this forum.


    You can delete individual songs by swiping across them and tapping the delete button. Or, in the Artist of Album view tap-n-hold for a second, then tap the "x" in the upper left to delete. Or you can delete all downloaded music by going to Settings > General > Usage, tapping Music, then swiping and tapping the delete button.


    This will not remove the music from the cloud or the iTunes library.

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    I'm having the same issue. When I swipe across the song it says hide. I want it gone! In settings I don't have a usage! I have about and it has music! Thanks for your help!