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Can you use word power point and or excel on an ipad?

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    No, because Microsoft have never made app versions of them. There are a number of apps in the iTunes app store that support those document types e.g. Apple's Pages (word), Numbers (excel) and Keynote (powerpoint), and from third-parties apps such as Document To Go Pro and QuickOffice Pro HD which support all three document types in the one app.

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    Not those particular MS applications - no you cannot. there are apps that are compatible with the MS office applications. Documents to Go Premium Suite is one app and Quick Office Pro HD is another that will work with all three MS office apps. Apple's Pages (Word), Numbers (Excel) and Keynote (PowerPoint) are also compatible with the MS apps.

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    Just to add that although Numbers and Pages can read Word and Excel files, their compatibility is very poor.  Any non-basic formatting or formulas, etc. just dont work at all well.

    The 3rd party apps like the ones already mentioned are much better than the Apple apps if you are looking for MS Office compatibility, and even they are not that great.

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    I use documents to go and find that it works quite well. You will need the premium version to edit powerpoints but word documents transfer over quite well. Docs to Go even has a separate desktop sync program that allows you to transfer documents outside of iTunes.

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    Yes.  Sort of.  You need an application like this but it's not exactly the same thing but it will allow you to use MS products.



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    The desktop sync is useful to some people, but Docs to Go supports Dropbox, iDisk, SugarSync, Google docs and others, so I can't really see why anyone would use the more limited desktop sync. I'm probably missing something important about it!

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    Maybe someone that doesn't like storing their documents on some anonymous server located somewhere in the world, run by a company whose security protocols probably come second place to their profit margin and who can theoretically go under and shut down shop at any point in time, taking your documents with it when they fold.


    Seriously different stuff for different folks. I for one like having things handy for me and not be dependant upon the internet - which may or may not always be accessible or work. and I'm not fond of putting my data and the safety of my data in some third party's hand who I don't know and who are really accountable to no one.



    If things like dropbox or sugar sync work for a person, cool. use it. But ultimately a person is responsible for the integrity of their own data and trusting a third party...well your stuff is only as safe as they choose to make it be. And they, like any company, really don't have to care about you, they will care for themselves first.

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    Wow, if that's how you feel, I'm surprised you use the Internet at all!

    As you say, each to his own.

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    I'm just not going to disparage how anyone uses their device. I like tech, I use tech, but I remember the world before it all existed. when you went to the library to do research, not pull up google. When you bought a book, you didn't just download it from the comfort of your living room. Its not forever, its not perfect and it does fail.


    I choose to control my own data instead of depending on some third party that really has no vested interest in taking care of my data beyond any requirements the law may hold over them. If anything the cloud and cloud storage are a good backup to your own backup, but honestly it should never be your only backup.


    If a person chooses to only use the cloud, that's your call. I don't deny that it is very convenient to need a document and have it available anywhere you can get on the net. One big advantage of the Docs to go desktop sync is that you can transfer files in a matter of seconds without going through the minutes it takes to mess with iTunes.

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    Believe me, I share some of your concerns. I always backup my iOS devices to my computer and not to the Cloud, and those backups are backed up on my Mac with Time Machine.

    I find the convenience of services like Dropbox irrestible, however due to the convenience of the seamless sync of files to all my devices.

    Oh, and, of course, the fact that they are always backed up via Time Machine!