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It's seems after updating to iTunes 10.6.1, Audible .aax files will no longer load into iTunes.  After completing a book last night, I downloaded the next book in the series using Safari.  Normally the books are automatically added to iTunes after downloading, but last night they were not.  Some of the things I've tried so far are:


1. Deauthorized then re-authorized audible account.

2. Dropping the .aax audio file into the "Automatically Add to iTunes" folder.  It diappears from this folder, but is not in iTunes.

3. Using File -> Add to Library to add the audio book -- Nothing

4. I thought the newly downloaded .aax file might be corrupted, so I tried removing then reloading existing audio book .aax files.  They would not re-load into iTunes.

5. I called Audible support, and they had me download and install iTunes 10.6.1, even though that's the version I already had installed.  That didn't help either.



Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as I often enjoy listening to audio books on the weekend.  I guess I can just use my iPhone for now!

MacBook Pro
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    Okay, I logged out of the iTunes store, turned of iTunes match, then logged back into the iTunes store, after which I could then see the previously loaded audio books under "Books".  I then turned on iTunes match.  Not sure why this corrected the situation though.

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    I had the same problem.  I purchased an audible book and wanted to download it to my imac.  When I did this, I could never find my downloaded book.  I called Audible and spoke to a representative for about 2 hours.  We tried everything she knew.  Finally, she told me to call apple.  I didn't want to be on the phone for another 2 hours so I followed the instructions above.  It worked! 

    When I downloaded the book to my pc, it worked perfectly and opened in itunes. 

    I think this is another way of Apple trying to prevent any purchases from anyone but itunes.

    Thanks for your information.  It took hours but it worked!

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    WOW!  I had the same problem, and this solution worked immediately!  Thanks zBernie2 for all of the time and aggravation that you saved me!!!

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    Worked for me, too! Thanks! I'm on 10.8.2, and the problem didn't emerge until this morning. But as soon as I turned off Match, I got the aa book to play. In fact, the old books were playing fine. It was just the new import that wasn't working.

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    I found it very curous that after a book from Audible was downloaded and added to iTunes it still did not appear in the Audiobooks listing.  My solution was to search my iTunes library for the title, which was there in "books" and when I clicked on it--lo and behold it popped up in the Audiobooks.  Looks like it is being mis-directed by iTunes into "books" but the media will tell it to move it if you find it. This is too much like black magic.

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    In the "My Library" option in Audible - set the Audioformat to 4 and bingo Itunes recognises it. It worked for me.

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    Ok so drag the files into itunes and they will go into the music list.

    Select the files you want>right click and go down to GET INFO>go over to the SORT drop-down> SET the file type to AUDIOBOOK and hit "return". They all convert to audiobooks and pop themselves over to the audiobook section.



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    After calling Audible.com my workaround was to use SAFARI as the browser. I had been informed that Chrome was creating some issues in the download. With Safari, I downloaded to my DL folder and then manually clicked and dragged the audible file to the Library in iTunes. From there I then moved it manually to the iPod device. Job finally done after 3 hours friggin around on Chrome. In another life/world/dimension Audible files will download directly to itunes on Chrome. However, I'm always the first to point the finger at myself...user error! In the meanwhile I MUST say Audible support was excellent!!!

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    Thanks so much for this tip!


    My problem was related to using Chrome, too. As soon as I redownloaded the audiobook files from Audible's website using Safari, they copied themselves right into iTunes. I wish iTunes and Audible would get this sorted out, but thanks for the solution!

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    I logged into my Audible account and downloaded the book files to my computer. You can then create a new playlist and import the aax files to itunes.

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    thank you. this worked for me!

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    Thanks for the really obscure tip, worked first time after much time bashing my head against a wall!