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It's seems after updating to iTunes 10.6.1, Audible .aax files will no longer load into iTunes.  After completing a book last night, I downloaded the next book in the series using Safari.  Normally the books are automatically added to iTunes after downloading, but last night they were not.  Some of the things I've tried so far are:


1. Deauthorized then re-authorized audible account.

2. Dropping the .aax audio file into the "Automatically Add to iTunes" folder.  It diappears from this folder, but is not in iTunes.

3. Using File -> Add to Library to add the audio book -- Nothing

4. I thought the newly downloaded .aax file might be corrupted, so I tried removing then reloading existing audio book .aax files.  They would not re-load into iTunes.

5. I called Audible support, and they had me download and install iTunes 10.6.1, even though that's the version I already had installed.  That didn't help either.



Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as I often enjoy listening to audio books on the weekend.  I guess I can just use my iPhone for now!

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