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Okay so I decided to update my Iphone 4 and for some reason it failed and I got an error. Now my Iphone doesn't go on at all unless plugged into a PC. So I've done a number of things to try and fix the issues of my Iphone with extensive research, i've tried the TinyUmbrella thing and it comes up with an unidentified phone. When I try to restore the phone from Itunes I dont see any information besides "Iphone" everything else like Serial, Capacity and Serial number say "N/A". When I restore the phone, Itunes download OS 5 and it failed the first time, SO i downloaded version 4.5 which also failed. I played around with it for a while and got a bit further. Now when I try to restore the phone itunes actually gets pass the verifying process and into the restoring process, while in DFU mode (BLACK SCREEN) and then the moment it changes to "restoring Iphone" the phone restarts and goes into a boot loop. the phone by itself goes into a boot loop the moment I plug it in. So far I cant find a way to get around this. I've tried 4 different OS's with 2 different PC's both 32 and 64 bits non work.

Any suggestions to how I can sort this out?

iPhone 4