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I included a picture below to show what I mean. I tried adding "iCloud" to teh bookmark bar and it replaced two letters with three dots. Since "iCloud" is such a short word, this seems unessecary. I'd like to prevent this so that it actually says "iCloud" with all the letters visible. I knwo this probably seems unimportant but I guess my OCD kicks in on things like this. Thanks.



Mail Application, Windows 7
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    Experimental advice ... but maybe we can knock some sense into it if we change around the order of the items in the bookmarks bar.


    Go "Bookmarks > Show all bookmarks". In the left-hand pane, select "Bookmarks Bar". Now in the right-hand pane, drag "iCloud" down below (say) "Gmail".


    Does it appear as "iCloud" instead of "iCl...d" in the bookmarks bar, now? If so, try dragging it back to the previous position. Does it stay 'iCloud"?