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I purchased a new iPhone 3GS and started using it. I set up iCloud backup, and chose to save all my contacts etc to iCloud.

The device was defective, so I had to exchange it. When setting up the new device, it doesn't seem to see the backup I made. It makes me setup a new device. After I setup the new device when I go to iCloud settings, I can see the backup I made earlier, but there is no way to restore it.


What should I do? There is no apple store in my country.

When I erase the phone and try to set it up it doesn't "see" the backup, and makes me setup a new phone.

After setting up the phone it can see the backup (In iCloud settings I can see it), but there is no restore option.

When I log into iCloud.com, I can see all the contacts, so it has indeed been backed up. I just don't know how to get it on the phone.

iPhone, iOS 5