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I have iTunes 10, and am currently updating it to 10.6, and an iPod Nano 6G.

I was playing my iPod on my dock and when I changed the song it was replaying the same song, but the onscreen display said it was changing fine. When I unplugged it, it crashed and went into recovery mode. I had to restore it three times and ended up having to change the driver on my computer (which is Windows 7)

I fixed it and it is working fine. However.

When I plug my iPod into my computer it freezes my iTunes and I can't do anything on iTunes. I unplug my iPod and iTunes is still frozen. I have to restart my laptop and it still does the same.


I don't know what it's doing. I can't put on any songs or anything. It's really frustrating.

Any help would be nice, thank you.

iPod nano, Windows 7