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Win7 64 all current updates. Itunes 10.6.1.


Two ipads, two iphones, wifes iMac all show in home sharing or devices node. However, suddenly after updating to 10.6.1 itunes, Apple TV1 is not there and won't appear.  Wireshark on the pc shows the bonjour mdns query from my pc ip address, and a response from the apple tv, but that's all. itunes never picks it up. The tv will download shows from the internet, youtube, music, etc but now I can't sync my music collection, etc.  Apple has now broken functionality for me in each of the last 2 itunes releases.


No amount of restarting, resetting, etc etc has fixed.  And the diag tests on itunes NEVER seem to be able to connect to itunes store.  I can view my account info but clicking any links, like Manage Devices, gives an error.


My version of Windows7 is the N version, I think it was for Europe, no windows media player was installed, etc.  Perhaps the ongoing problems I've had relate to that?


Who else out there is giving up on apple home sharing products and if so what alternatives are you considering?

Apple TV, Windows 7