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I purchased a tv series on my apple tv and for the first time it won't download! I tried to see if by mistake I didn't buy it but it keeps telling me that you have already purchased this season. It is not in my downloads either. Anyone?

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    I tend to prefer buying in iTunes itself but it shouldn't matter.


    The TV Show should list either in iTunes > ITunes Store Home Page in QuickLinks on the right, find Purchases and select TV Shows - that should allow you to download.


    On AppleTV under TV shows look in Purchases  - it should be there and will play from teh cloud but not copy to iTunes

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    I just got thie iPad yesterday, so this may totally be an Id10t error on my part...


    The thing spent the night downloading YV shows, and today when I went to play them from the purchased section of iTunes it only let me watch a 30 second preview (that it had to download) or gave me the option of downloading them again.  I'm hoping to load this thing up with content for a flight tomorrw...is there a way to download stuff and have it live on the iPad so I can watch it without a wi-fi connection?