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I have a wonderful, Perfect iPhone4, except my Home button is mostly dead...


It sometimes takes 3-4 hard clicks to use. I went up  to the Apple Store, since  it’s about 15 months old, they offered to replace The Whole Thing for me for only $160... Just because one physical button went bad.


When the phone is asleep, I can use the top button to get the Swipe entry screen. But when I am in an App, there does not seem to be any alternative to the physical Home button...


Is there some 3rd party hack, or some other way to get back Home?



MacMini 2011 i5, 8GB, Radeon 6630M , Mac OS X (10.7), iPhone4; headless dual G5 via FW800
Solved by wjosten on Apr 15, 2012 8:46 AM Solved

Update to iOS 5.1 if you have not done so, then: Settings>General>Accessibility>Assistive Touch...turn it on & you can use that for the Home Button.