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I have an iPhone and I am starting to get spam email on my email address (@me.com). Now, I don't have a Mac to filter any emails and Outlook filtering only works on the client or PC.


If I go to apple's webmail, I don't even see a filtering for spam email. Can apple design something like GMAIL has on their web mail? Something more intelligent than just simple junk mail. We need to be able to add spam filtering to a high level. I believe even Hotmail caught up with introducing "


We really need something more sofisticated. It is really frustrating to sit there an delete every single d***n (yes, I filter this word for you as well) spam email on your iPhone.


Please help. I really need to find a solution for annoying spam. I will give 100 points if someone finds a better solution not just simple filtering. I want to filter all junk emails and don't tell me it can't be done because google email can filter every single spam.


Thank you!

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1