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I have an iphone 3gs that does nothing when not plugged in but when i plug it into the computer and the apple logo will come on and go off.  I plug it into the wall charger and it boots up but says the phone needs activated and wont let me do anything else and when i unplug it to plug it into the computer it shuts off.  I have put it in dfu mode and it goes to restore but at the end of the process when almost done the phone shuts off.  ive looked up every way possible to fix it and have done everything but have had no luck..

iPhone 3GS
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    Hi did you by any chance do the iOS 5 upgrade? My phone crashed completely and does the flashing apple logo and heats up badly. Read the forums it looks like the 3s don't support the upgrades. This was also confirmed to me bt network provider. I am furious as apple saying its a hardware problem

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    i did have the ios 5 upgrade and it still will do nothing besides the apple logo

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    Hi following the "hardware" problem I purchased a new iphone 4 as i didn't want to pay £120 for another 3GS only to find a problem on the next update.

    However yesterday following reading a few forums i decided to give it one last try - rebooted phone and it is now working!!! I am so angry as 5 staff  in 2 Apple shops all said it was hardware. I was in an Apple shop for an hour whilst they tried everything to get it working. Obviously this is not the case and going by the number of threads on this problem it is a massive issue. It's not surprising Apples profits are up if people are having to replace perfectly working Iphone 3s.

    Apple have to own up to this it is not acceptable.

    I am off back to Apple tomorrow as i am not going to let this rest especially as i am £500 worse off. Will keep you posted