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I have an iMac Power PC G5, OS X, version 10.5.8


I am running into problems of installing programs, downloads and even Mac OS X Snow Leopard, because they are requiring an Intel processor.  I do not know if Intel can even be installed.  Is it possible to install Intel on my iMac?



iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    No. The entire Intel logic board is different from a PowerPC board. I'm sure it could be "whacked and hacked" into working but you would have invested hundreds of dollars into a machine that now looks like it was attacked by love-lorn squirrels carrying jackhammers. It's simply not cost-effective.


    Check the Apple Stores Refurb section. I bought a 27" Mid 2010 quad-core i7 late last years an it was much less than a new Mac, yet still has a one-year warrantty and qualifies for AppleCare extended coverage.


    Here's the link to refurbed iMacs:




    Check it often---some models only stay up a short time.

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    Thank you Allan.  I suspected as much about the Intel/PPC boards.  I will check out the refurbished iMacs.  Why did Apple go the direction of programming for Intel processors in their computers anyway? 


    My G5 works so well, it is a shame to have to go looking for another because of the change.

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    Intel gave Apple what PowerPC could not give them.


    I agree my old G5 was great up until the day one of the processors died. Then I discovered that it was actually cheaper to switch to an Intel Mac Pro then to fix the G5. So I sent it in for recycling.



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    Why did Apple go the direction of programming for Intel processors in their computers anyway?


    Although we could guess all day, the reason I recall stated was that there were limits to how fast you could push a G-series processor without incurring too much overheard. Motorola simply ran into a speed wall and could not increase speed without generating too much heat, or having massive cooling systems.


    Like the other Allan (who also knows the correct spelling of "Allan"), I loved our many G-series Macs but the wedding dress started to fade when I bought my first Intel Mac, a MacBook Pro, in early 2008. Although I bought it for travel, it would do things my beloved G4 MDD tower could not, and ended up next to the tower on my workstation getting more routine use by the week.


    I finally broke down last November and bought the 27-inch iMac I mentioned above. Love it! I kept the G4--it is the last model that can boot into OS9 and I have two OS9 programs on it that are critical to my creating technical drawings, so the g4 is now in the guest bedroom where I can use it when needed. Seems pretty slow when I come from the new imac, though!

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    Note, when migrating to Intel Macs, you have to consider the following: