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Hello, Im getting this problem, that the URL is like this:




I wan't it to be http://www.najs.nu/


I searched a bit and I changed the name in iWeb to "index" and now the startpage is




The problem is, I want http://www.najs.nu/  to open the homepage, if I typ www.najs.nu ,I get this


"Server Application Unavailable!"


How do I solve this problem, how do I get www.najs.nu to open the http://www.najs.nu/index automatically ?


So when people enter my homepage they will only write www.najs.nu instead of http://najs.nu/index/Index.html or www.najs.nu/index


Thanks a lot !


iWeb '08, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    There's actually ONE URL.


    The first part is your domainname, the second part is your Sitename, the third part is the pagename.


    If you do not like the Sitename, type something else,


    That's the natural order of things in iWeb.


    And ignoring all the self induced problems, I get this : http://www.najs.nu/index.html


    Anyway, read this :


        The concept of iWeb Sites


    A Site, which is just a folder, is a convenient way to organize your pages based on topic, subject or whatever you choose to keep relevant pages together. I’ve been doing that for the past 17 years, and I find it rather natural.


    But since iWeb is doing it, it seems to confuse & frustrate people. iWeb shouldn’t do it, they say. As if there is a law that demands it.


    To avoid the Sitename in the URL, read my solution. It's very technical but in the end it saves time. And best of all, iWeb is not involved :


         Avoiding the iWeb Sitename in the URL


    An easier, time-wasting, solution is to publish to a folder on your desktop.


    Open that Site folder and move the content of that folder to the root of the webserver with a FTP application.


    (The root of a webserver is where the file or folder, shown immediately to the righthand side of the domainname, is stored.)


    Everytime you make changes to a page, you have to repeat these steps.


    But the result is what you want.


    And here's a re-post with some additional info about using an index.php file to avoid overwriting the index.html file iWeb creates :


        Avoiding the iWeb Sitename in the URL


    Works on all servers. With or without a subdomain I may add. Like this one :




    Not as easy as publishing to a folder, but in the end it saves time. Again.


    See this post that explained the link above :


    Re: iWeb keeps populating a site name at the end of my url.  Causing error.