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I have several year old Macbook Pro w/ a paltry 125G hard drive that is about 9G away from being full.  It's time to upgrade.  I am a Mobile Me hold over and have been holding off moving to the cloud until I get a new computer.  My question is, when do folks think the Macbook Pro and iMac refreshes for 2012 are coming?  Should I buy now or wait? If the refresh is not going to be until June, is it possible for me move everything to the cloud on my current Macbook now before the June 30 deadline for the evaporation of Mobile Me?

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    We have no more idea of when new models will appear than you do. We are all users like you, and Apple doesn't tell anyone about new hardware until the new models are released. So you will know whenever we do.


    Buy a new computer when you need one. You can always wait for new models. You will be waiting forever because there are going to be new models "soon" no matter when you ask the question.


    If you have a model that meets the following criteria then you can upgrade to Lion for access to iCloud:


    Lion System Requirements

    • Mac computer with an Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, or Xeon processor
    • 2GB of memory
    • OS X v10.6.6 or later (v10.6.8 recommended)
    • 7GB of available space
    • Some features require an Apple ID; terms apply.
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    Macbook Pros got a "speed bump" last fall.  Beyond that, only Apple knows what it will do and this forum does not discuss rumors about future Apple products.


    But the basic question questionthat should concern you is: What do you need?


    You first need to get a larger hard disk than you have or free up disk space, as you should have 10-20% disk space free for OSX to operate.  If you stay with your current system, buy a larger hard disk at least.


    And you rely on mobileme and thus iCloud.


    So you need to be at Lion.


    Based on your disk space issues and reliance on "cloud like" support, I would say "Buy new (or reburbished) now".  Based on what you have described. 

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    So if I can fit Lion on my current system I can move to cloud for now, yes? I have three external drives, one 160GB bootable w/ Super Duper, one 1TB for Time machine and another one for the old school "Backup" incremental.


    My biggest memory hog is my iTunes library.  It would be great to be able to move it to the Lacie 1TB and therefore my disk space issues would be solved.  But the steps for this (from what I have read) seem rather cumbersome and clunky.


    But that I suppose is another subject altogether.  I am just trying to figure out what to do before June 30 when I lose my Mail and Mobile Me.

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    1. So if I can fit Lion on my current system I can move to cloud for now, yes?




    2. Copy your entire /Music/iTunes/ folder to your LaCie drive. Create a Music folder on the LaCie drive and put the iTunes folder into that Music folder. Open iTunes, select Preferences, click on Advanced icon. Where you see the following:


    Screen Shot 2012-04-15 at 10.40.21 PM.png


    Click on the Change button, locate your new location on the LaCie drive, select the equivalent of what you see above - /Volumes/LaCieDriveName/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media. Check the two boxes below, click on the OK button. You're done. Verify that iTunes is now working from the new location then you can delete the iTunes folder on your main drive.


    3. Basic Information About Moving From MobileMe to iCloud


    Apple IDs and iCloud

    Creating an iCloud account- Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently asked questions about the MobileMe transition and iCloud

    MobileMe services that no longer sync after moving to iCloud

    MobileMe- About moving to iCloud

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    Ok thanks a lot.  I will try those steps. 

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    If you have the requirements for Lion, I would either:


    1. Learn how to transfer your iTunes to an external, and load Lion to get iCloud
    2. Get a new larger internal drive and clone your external bootable to it, then load Lion to get Cloud
    3. Get a new system that comes with Lion to get iCloud


    Option 1 makes your iTunes library less available as you travel and costs $30 for Lion.


    Option 2 leaves you with your iTunes library in the same internal disk, and can be accomplished for about $120 for the drive and $30 for Lion.  Plus you have a brand new and thus more dependable hard drive.


    Option 3 is most expensive.


    Option 2 seems the least expensive to meet your goals.  My humble opinion.

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    I had no idea option two was an option. This would be the most idea.  Is this option complicated? I am open to it, though my technical experience with my Macs hasn't gone beyond upgrading RAM or replacing my battery.  I am not a geek by any measure.  Is it basically an easy swap out procedure?  If so, what size internal drive and what make/brand is recommended? Where is a good place to buy?  I know of New Egg, etc.

  • steve359 Level 6 Level 6 (12,270 points) show the pictures you need for doing it.  If you still feel it is too risky, pay Genius Bar to do it.  I feel comfortable enough to save the expense an do it myself, but even paying the Genius Bar to do it is cheaper than a new system.

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    Go visit OWC where you can start looking for hard drives. You need a notebook (2.5") sized SATA drive not more than 9.5 mm high. Any brand will do but I am partial to Hitachi and Seagate. Do not buy "green" drives nor drives that only support SATA 3.0 and 6.0 Gbps interfaces. You need 1.5 Gbps for your model most likely. For speed get a 7200 RPM drive if you can afford it.


    OWC has kits that include a drive and tools you will need. Price for the kit is very reasonable. They also provide video tutorials on what to do and how to do it.


    They are a highly reputable vendor of Mac products.

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    Well I went to OWC and cannot find the model of my Mac to view the corresponding install video just to see what's involved.  My model says "MacPro 2,2".


    How do I go about having the genius bar do this? Will they make me purchase the HD through them?

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    You have a Mac Pro or a MacBook Pro? They are quite different models. There is a MBP 2,2, but no such version for a Mac Pro.


    You need a SATA drive from this page. The tutorials here are good for your model.

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    While technically nobody knows for sure when the new Mac Book Pro/iMac are coming out (besides Apple of course), the "word on the web" is that they will be launching in either late-April or May along with Intel's new Ivy Bridge processors. I am required to buy a Mac Book Pro for school so I have been checking around the internet for any and all information about when an update might occur. If you have some time, you may want to wait until at least the end of April to see if Apple announces anything.

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    This is what I have:


    Model Name:          MacBook Pro

      Model Identifier:          MacBookPro2,2

      Processor Name:          Intel Core 2 Duo

      Processor Speed:          2.33 GHz

      Number Of Processors:          1

      Total Number Of Cores:          2

      L2 Cache:          4 MB

      Memory:          2 GB

      Bus Speed:          667 MHz

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    See the posted links for your model.

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