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Is anyone else having trouble trying to install Windows 7 via Boot Camp on his or her early 2011 MacBook Pro?  I downloaded the additional windows support software from Boot Camp Assistant, and when I go to install Win 7 the MacBook Pro just says that Windows 7 is not supported. 


I have a OWC data doubler installed with a 500GB 5400rpm HDD in the optical bay slot, and my main boot drive is a 750GB 7200rpm HDD.  I also have 8GB of Crucial Ram installed as well, and the most current version of Lion (10.7.3).  When I had Snow Leopard it was a cinch to install Windows 7, but Lion is proven to be a real pain. 


Thanks in advance for any advice on resolving this issue.



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3), Quad Core i7 8GB Ram 750GB 7200
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    What happens again?


    Having two hard drives does make it harder.


    Nothing to do with Lion.


    I've seen RAM fail, any brand. Even one person's was loose ("but it works in Lion!!")


    Are you using internal DVD to boot Windows DVD installer? or external?


    Externals need their own power supply for one thing.


    With two drives, Windows will complain and does not allow 2nd to have GPT system.