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Is anyone else having trouble trying to install Windows 7 via Boot Camp on his or her early 2011 MacBook Pro?  I downloaded the additional windows support software from Boot Camp Assistant, and when I go to install Win 7 the MacBook Pro just says that Windows 7 is not supported. 


I have a OWC data doubler installed with a 500GB 5400rpm HDD in the optical bay slot, and my main boot drive is a 750GB 7200rpm HDD.  I also have 8GB of Crucial Ram installed as well, and the most current version of Lion (10.7.3).  When I had Snow Leopard it was a cinch to install Windows 7, but Lion is proven to be a real pain. 


Thanks in advance for any advice on resolving this issue.



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3), Quad Core i7 8GB Ram 750GB 7200