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I have a Quad-Core Intel Xeon Mac pro with 24GB memory and 3 x 2TB HD and 1 x 640GB HD. I am running iMovie11 and created a project for a 7min video. The project size is only 1.5 GB with the source videos being 5GB.


However, everytime I export the movie to 1080p I get the following error:


“Unable to prepare project for publishing. The project could not be prepared for publishing because an error occurred. (-108)”


Evern if i choose the option export using quicktime and select any of the options I allows get the same error.


I can export to 720p without any problems.


However, I need to have a 1080p movie.


Can someone please help.


Many Thanks

Mac Pro (Early 2009), Mac OS X (10.6.8), 24GB Memory, 3 x 2TB HD and 1 x 640
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    Can you right-click on one of the project clips and choose "Show in Finder". In the Finder window, right click on the clip and OPEN WITH.../QuickTime Player. In QuickTime Player, press Command-I to open the Inspector, and tell us the dimensions of the clip as well as the information next to the word "Format:".

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    Dimension if clip is 1920x1080

    Format: H.264 1920 x1080 millions AAC , Stero (L R) 44.100 KHz



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    OK I suggest that you right-click on your Event and see if iMovie offers to optimize your clips. This will convert them to Apple Intermediate Codec. It will place the originals in a folder called Movies/iMovie Original Movies, so you will still have a copy of the originals.


    You export should go smoothly after optimizing.


    If you do not optimize, then iMovie has to optimize on the fly, during the SHARE. This places a huge load on your computer. It is better to go ahead and optimize separately.


    H.264 uses Group of Pictures compression. In this compression scheme, there is one full frame for every (say) 24 frames of video. The remaining frames are partial frames that contain info like what has changed since the previous frame, direction of motion, etc.  Obviously, this is not good for editing, because if you edit out the full frame, the remaining frames are useless. So before editing or sharing, all these partial frames have to be resolved into full frames.


    Apple Intermediate Codec is a full frame codec. Each frame has some compression, like the full frames in h.264, but all frames are full and they are independent of each other. You can cut wherever you like, and you can apply slow motion without worrying about where you start.

    In Final Cut Pro X, you would use ProRes 422, another full frame codec.


    You should expect Apple Intermediate Codec to be about 10X larger than the equivalent h.264 clip.

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    WOW .... you have resolved my problem that I have wasted over 2 days.


    Thank you sooooo much. Really appreciate your prompt response with very informative information. I was not aware how AIC worked and now I can see the full benefits of it.


    I must admit, I have such a powerful machine (2 x 2.66 Quad core and 24 GB DDR3 Memory) I am still surprised that it could not handle the optmisation process during the share/export process.


    If I import this final H.264 movie to iDVD would i loose quality? I have noticed that my transisistions are of lower quality , and text have jagged edges.


    What is the best way to create an iDVD from this iMovie project .... I am just not sure of the best workflow for best quality.



    Once again many thanks.

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    If you make a DVD, you are decreasing the quality from 1920x1080 down to 640x480, since the DVD standard is standard definition.  So as long as you don't expect too much, you can burn a DVD. On a small screen TV, it should look fine. If you have a 50" TV, it will look like one of the standard definition channels on your TV.


    So to make a DVD, you can SHARE/MEDIA BROWSER or SHARE/MOVIE. Choose Large (960x540) or Medium size. Most people report good results with Large. There is no advantage of sharing at 1920x1080 because the DVD authoring tool will just have to cut it down to 640x480.


    You should also consider other options so you can view your movies at full resolution.

    YouTube and Vimeo do a nice job with 1920x1080.

    The Apple TV is a great way to watch your movies at 1920x1080. There are also media players out there like the Sony PS3 or the Western Digital Media Player that will display your movie in 1920x1080.

    Finally, you could burn a BluRay playable disk. Toast has a BluRay Plugin Available that lets you burn a BluRay Disk, or for short movies, you can burn a BluRay format disk on  standard DVD media that is playable in most BluRay Players.

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    Hi AppleMan1958,


    what can i do if iMovie dont offer me to optimize my clips ? I want to finalise my project in 720p but i can't (error 108).


    Any idea ?


    I have Macbook pro 13' early 2011 with 8Gb memory

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    Hi AppleMan1958


    I have a 'movie' which is really a slideshow of about 1,500 photos, running to 1.09 and I am getting error -108 also. Optimising clips is not an option.  Its a 3.06 ghz intel core 2 duo, 16 gb of ram.  I do a lot of movie creation, editing, exporting to iDVD and haven't come across this error before

    Thanks for any help