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    Just saying. the moon landing was FAKE.

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    Hi Clifton - yes, we were thinking of doing that.  His younger brother has an iPod Nano and it can play audio books and music so he could save up for one of those.  Funny about the D batteries - they wouldn't have been cheap back then! 

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    I recently heard that the Kindle has parental controls/timers. If Kindle can do it, why can't Apple? Maybe when Apple starts losing market share they will consider adding parental controls.

  • cliftonfromrichmond Level 3 Level 3 (785 points)

    I've seen that Kindle advertisement, and I think it is sad.  To think that today's parents do not have enough back bone to teach their children how to behave, and then they abdicate their parental authority to a computer...


    Perhaps more people should have watched the last two Dr. Phil programs.  Was about a mother and her 23 year old son.  As a parent she failed miserably (too self absorbed and did not bother to teach her son anything....)  and she could not understand why her son was not prepared for the real world...  Search for "Its Either Me or Your Deadbeat Son.."

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    Just saying. the moon landing was FAKE.

    "this solved my question" LOL

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    cliftonfromrichmond are you some sort of parenting expert? I don't see the credentials.


    Parental controls are a tool. People are not looking for computer company X to solve all their parenting issues. They are looking for tools to help them in the day to day busy lives. Just like people use their cars to shuttle little Johnny to school, soccer, pick up the groceries or use their cell phone to call their partner from the grocery store to ask if they need more milk. Tools to help make our lives easier in an increasingly busy world.


    Go to any medium or large corporation and they have the same 'controls' implemented on their servers and desktops to prevent staff (adults no less) from using their assets to access adult content, hate or whatever people are into.


    In closing...


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  • cliftonfromrichmond Level 3 Level 3 (785 points)

    I did not imply anything.  I came right out and said it.  Sure must have hit a nerve...


    The fact of the matter is, if you teach your children to be responsible and to be honest, and if you show them some restpect,  you won't have to worry about how much time they spend using their 'toys,"  or worry about who they are talking to, or who their friends are or where they go on the 'Net, and you will never have to bail them out of jail.

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    I simply don't like TROLLS.

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    too bad there is no button to ban people like you from the thread one has started. for I would like to ban u from this thread. that would be a nifty little feature. will propose this to apple.

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    It no use argumenting...

    He has destroyed any constructive discussion within this thread ~10 times before over a period of half a year, with the same style as above.

    The worst outbursts have been removed from the history, by Apple moderators.


    I also notice that they edited your comment about trolling.


    To Apple: please focus your moderator cencorship acts towards Mr cliftonfromrichmond - I would not simply call his behaviour in this tread trolling - I call it verbal sabotage. In fact, you could do even more - remove this user completely from the support community. I cannot judge behaviour in other fora/threads, but in this thread, comments have been destructive rather than helpful and this has been the case for along time now. As far as I can see, the first two items of the Community etiqutte rules have been consistently violated in every posting by Mr cliftonfromrichmond.

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    I second that motion.

    CliftonfromRichmond should be banned.

    Being kind to the elderly gentleman maybe he should be redirected to the forum "Parents that bully their own children" where he would be perfectly at home!!

  • cliftonfromrichmond Level 3 Level 3 (785 points)

    Ok, so let me get this straight.


    Following your logic, teaching my children to be responsible, respectful and teaching them how to discipline themselves, is bullying.


    So then, to follow your logic even further, by setting rules and holding my children accountable for their actions is also bullying.


    And by telling you the truth and shining a light on you error I am also being a bully..


    So ultimately, any one who sets any sort of rule or behavioral guideline is also a bully, and in that context, society and anything society does to define what is and what is not acceptable or appropriate behavoir is nothing but a big mean bully whose only purpose it to torment you.


    And if I take it even further, by imposing parental controls on what your children do and by using those controls to limit the amount of time your children can spend doing what they want to do, you are aslo being a bully...


    So then, let me ask you this:  Who is the "bigger bully"?  Is it the person who imposes their will on another, or is it the person who teaches what it means to be a good citizen lets them choose how they wish to behave?

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    Try this.....



    It's called the "bob"  and you can hook one up to your computer and one on the xbox.  You set a password and a time limit.  Say you set it for a 2 hour limit... it gives warnings and then will shut down the systems.   There may be an updated version that will work for you.  Good luck!    It's hard having teens!!!

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    I'm new here and have read thru this entire thread. Maybe iOS7 will provide what we are all looking for?


    I completely agree that we, as parents, have a responsibility to teach our children to be responsible, respectful and to be disciplined. There is no question that children should be accountable for their actions - this is how they learn. However, it is not unreasonable to request the capability to put time limits to internet access and gaming on the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad.


    I grew up in a very disciplined household but back in the day we did not have these distracting devices. If I would have had unlimited access to an iTouch when I was a teenager, I would not have slept. These devices are fascinating and the internet is a big place.


    I don't want to take the device away from my teenager. I think she should have it in her possesion and learn discipline and proper etiquet. There is nothing wrong with the parental desire to shut things down after a designated hour so the temptation is not there. My laptop and desktop computers have that capability and my kids have never had an issue when their time runs out.


    The act of physically taking away a device day after day becomes problematic and we cannot always be present to ensure that this happens. A little help from Apple here would go a long way.

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    There is a new app available that might help with your situation.

    Here's the link

    It lets you put a schedule on various components like safari, movies and apps.

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