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Hello Guys,


Can anyone please assist me with establisihing bluetooth connection between my Beats Wireless and my Macbook?

The headset does easily connect with my iphone; however, when i try to use it with my mac it pair and configures successfully but does not connect.

Please help.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    I'm having the exact opposite problem. Mine connect to my MacBook Pro but not my iPhone. When they've connected to each other, click on the little gear button on the bluetooth menu, and select "Use This As My Audio Device". This worked for me.


    How have you gone about yours?

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    even i have faced the same problem,fallow few steps


    1) Turn off beats wireless headset

    2) Go to the bluetooth menu choose setup bluetooth device

    3) turn on beats wirless headset and keep holding the power button

    4) the headset will be dicovered in the bluetooth setup assistant menu then select the device and click continue

    5) Go to bluetooth menu and you will see the beats wireless go to that and selct the option as use as audio device


    hope this will help you guys

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    i had been having issues switching the pairing for my beats wireless between my macbook and iphone.  but i think i finally cracked it.


    first, get the headphones paired with each device.  on macbook, this is done in the bluetooth dropdown menu. select "set up bluetooth device" and choose the headphones while the headphones are in pairing mode (pairing mode = flashing red and blue light, achieved by holding the power button for extra seconds).  on the iphone, this is done in settings > bluetooth > and select the beats wireless, while headphones are in pairing mode.  if you're having trouble getting the headphones to pair with either the computer or the iphone, make sure both the phone and computer have bluetooth turned on and are discoverable.  also make sure you start with the headphones off, and then hold down the power button for extra seconds (not just until the light turns blue, but until it makes an additional noise and flashes between red and blue.  for me, i think the problem was that i was turning them on, and THEN turning them into pairing mode. it works best if you go straight from "off" into "pairing mode" without releasing the button in between.


    now, to switch between devices:

    First, turn off the headphones.  then turn headphones on, but go straight to pairing mode.  (so, do NOT press for a few seconds to turn it on, then press for several seconds to go into pairing mode.  instead, DO press "power" for several seconds to go straight from "off" to "pairing mode.")

    Now, to connect to macbook: while headphones are in pairing mode, select them from the bluetooth dropdown menu.  select "use as audio device."  should work perfectly.

    Now, if you want to switch to your iphone: power off the headphones. then turn the headphones on, but go straight into pairing mode (hold for several seconds until the light flashes blue/red, NOT for a few seconds until it goes blue). while in pairing mode, go on the phone into settings > bluetooth > and select the Beats Wireless. that should do it.  if it still doesn't work, then make sure "beats wireless" is selected from the airtunes menu in the music app (the little box with the arrow in the bottom right corner). but that should be selected automatically after pairing.


    hope this helps!  i found the trick was going straight into pairing mode from a powered-off position. if i just turned on the headphones, they would immediately try pairing with the device they had last been used with.  then the headphones would get confused and just shut down.  but when i follow the steps outlines above, it switches back and forth easily every time.  i wish there was a way to do it without going into the iphone's settings every time (like you can with airtunes) but such is life.


    note: if your computer doesn't have a bluetooth drop down menu in the upper right set of menus, then you can add it through System Preferences > Bluetooth > Show Bluetooth Status in the Menu Bar

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    Worked for me.


    Thank you.




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    Thank you for those steps. They worked perfectly!

  • rmm19 Level 1 (0 points)

    thanks this helped!

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    But when I try shuting my beats off the wont shut they will just keep blinking red. And then to switch them off I hav to plug my beats cable into it. And then when I start it I go to pairing mode and it pairs sucsessfully but then it stops connecting and starts to blink red again.....


    Please help, I really need help!



  • Narinder Kapoor Level 1 (0 points)

    But when I try shuting my beats off the wont shut they will just keep blinking red. And then to switch them off I hav to plug my beats cable into it. And then when I start it I go to pairing mode and it pairs sucsessfully but then it stops connecting and starts to blink red again.....


    Please help, I really need help!



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    Have you tried a hard reset?


    Turn them off and connect them to a charger.  Then press and hold the multifunction and volume up keys at the same time.  After 10 or so seconds, the headset should reset to factory settings.


    Hope that helps!

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    According to the user guide, a blinking red light is supposed to mean that the unit is on and searching for the last device it was paired with.  I don't know what would cause them to keep doing that after you've tried to turn them off though.


    When you pair them successfully, will they play music?  Does it cut out randomly after that, or does the problem develop when you try to shut them off yourself?  And have you tried pairing them with any other devices?


    You can reset the pairing settings by holding down both the multifunction and volume down keys (no need to plug them in for this).


    User Guide: ites-beats-master-catalog-en/default/v1374729636195/pdf/beats-wireless-user-guid e-americas.pdf

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    thank you that was really usefull and to the point


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    Can someone help me?  I just got the dre beats wireless and for some reason when i open a youtube video the beats DON'T stream the youtube video.  Works perfect witth my galaxy s4 (i know talking android on an apple site so sue me) but when i switch to youtube... they shut off.  Anyone else have that issue?

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    Same problem here with my studio wireless.

    It's connected and after 20 sec or so the message appears "connection rejected/ failure"


    Tried reseting the studio wireless, however the iPhone is working properly with the studio wireless.

    And the iPhone works properly with the mac. But the mac and the studio wireless won't work with each other.


    Pretty **** enoying.

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    I got same problem like you before, I'm using iMac latest 2013, are you using same? I also using newest update from Mavericks (10.9.4).


    I did try :

    1. removing ANY beats wireless connection (if available) on bluetooth list, and

    2. remove bluetooth plist (go to Macintosh HD > Library > Preferences >,

    3. Resetting PRAM (restart and press command + option + P + R until hear restart sound, and release the keys), after that

    4. shutdown the computer

    5. unplug the cable, wait 10-15 minutes

    6. turn on the computer and open bluetooth preference, turn on beats wireless and pair, it'll work.


    Hope it will help.

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