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I'm a PC user myself so I can't check this out. I have a Mac user client using safari who can't seem to navigate around my website. I've been asking my Host and they haven't been able to help.


He has a new apple computer, and he says ..


when I enter your web site...under "creative builders"  when I click on "kits", "plans" "japanese" "about us" or "contact us"  my computer other words, it just see there, waiting for the site to come up and it never does.  No drop down windows or anything, its just that your site does not move from one area to the next smoothly.  Now this is on my 6 month new apple computer....and as I said, everwhere else I go, no problems.....


Could some of you please go to my site and see if you have problems with my links Etc? No one else has reported this but then, how would I know?


Hope someone can help :-)

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