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In imovie, my movie music sounds great.  Then when i import into IDVD, it is completely distorted, as if the volume has exceeded the ability of the speakers, not at all what it sounded like when i played it in imovie.this  This isn't my first movie but it's the first since 10.7.2.  Is there something I can do to correct the problem?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Guess you may have found an answer now, but still. Had  the same problem with music added on my imovie project. Played perfectly good in iMovie, iDVD preview and on my mac after completing the DVD. But on my DVD player it sounded like crap, like my speakers where blown out.


    What worked for me was making sure the volume was not too loud before I exported it from iMovie.


    I use iMovie 11. On the music clip I adjust the volume so that it is under the horisontal line, and the graph is all green. If the graph gets over the line it turns yellow, and at the peaks it turns red. I also used normalize on the clip (this may be enough (??) it lowers the the red peaks, but not the yellow).


    Hope this is helpful.

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    Thank you belatedly for this response.  I did finally figure out that reducing the volue before the transfer was key.  It's good to have my solution confirmed.