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Mac OS X

Not sure if this is the right place, if at all, to post, if not forgive me.


I have a legacy HP LaserJet 1200 printer, that I've had forever and it STILL

makes excellent copies so I'm hard pressed to replace it.


However... when printing PDF docs, it takes FOREVER to print a page. Like

as long as 10+ minutes. But only PDFs. All other doc formatted files print instantly

as expected.


I assumed it was a memory issue, so I installed as much RAM as possible in the printer,

but this had no effect whatsoever


I called HP and they don't have any new drivers or tricks to make PDFs print more timely.


Does anyone have any tricks or thoughts, other than buy a new printer. When I have to print

a PDF I just let let it sit and do it's thing. But right now I have a 40 page PDF and it will take all

afternoon, seriously. The copies BTW, when the do print are gorgeous and crisp.




Mac Pro 3.0 GHz Quad-Core, iPad WiFi/3G, iPhone4, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 30" HP Display, 22" Cinema Display
  • The hatter Level 9 Level 9

    Either the driver supports your OS or not; maybe the printer has created its own problem if it was working fast and properly but pdf files create large temp files and folder.


    I have paid 1/2 what my prior laser and inkjet were and the new ones are like 3-4x faster - and better. Same for scanners too. Yes the old laser could print but there were no drivers anymore from Lexmark either for Windows 7 or 10.6.8.


    Make sure your boot drive is working, has plenty of fast storage space to work from. SSDs are becoming popular, though WD VelociRaptor came out today with new 250-500-1TB 10K models (200MB/s) for those that want fast but traditional spindle.


    And that you have more than adequate RAM of course.

  • ttreen1950 Level 1 Level 1

    Funnily enough, I saw this recently on a system at work:- a colleague had printed a pdf from Preview (to a HP Z6100ps LFP), and it took forever and a day.


    When I returned, I realised that Acrobat had not been installed on his Mac, and I installed it, completing his CS5 installation, and same document printed normally.


    Just out of curiosity, I tried a one-page print from Preview,  and the printheads would move across the paper, then wait... and wait... and wait some more... then carry out their return pass and wait again.


    Seems the S/W you're printing from has a major effect.


    Haven't had time to check logs for a clue yet.

  • Steven Shmerler Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    I found another thread finally about this issue which effects many. There is a 3rd party that makes drivers that I installed and cut my "sending to printer" time from 10 minutes per page to  instantly!


    Google: gutenprint  or go direct to the Apple page at:




    and download Gutenprint 5.2.8-pre1 and install the drivers (there's an uninstall in case you need to)


    Then go to: System Prefs > Print & Fax > Options & Supplies... > Driver > Print Using:


    Select the driver that looks most like yours. In my case I have a "HP Lasterjet 1200" and Gutenprint's driver substitute is: "HP LaserJet 1200 - CUPS+Gutenprint v5.2.8-pre1"

    After selecting your substitue driver, click OK and click out of the Sytstem Prefs and try printing.

    I was stunned at the difference in time. It was immediate as opposed to 10+ minutues per page.


    The one thing though.. is when I was using the HP Driver and it took so long, the printer icon was in my dock the whole time and if I clicked it and launched the interface, there was an "Advanced" button and clicking that gave me a bunch of configurations that I'd never seen before being that I never got this into printing before. But from memory there was which language to choose: Language 2 or 3 and then, stuff like cleaning up background and others I can't remember now.


    But now that the new driver prints instantly the printer icon is in the doc all of 1 second and so I can't launch it to get to options. I remember experiementing but unfortunately can't tell you all what I tried since I can't picture what all the config options were/are.


    So.. I'm not 100% sure if the speed I'm enjoying now is partly because of the Advanced configuration changes I was trying. Sorry...


    If someone knows how to get to these Advanced options, please post them in this thread?




  • The hatter Level 9 Level 9

    Yes I recall Gutenprint being needed and advised when there was no other current driver.

    Glad you found it working so well.


    I would assume that you can get into those advanced settings from the application even.

    If there is Help menu there are usually links to tips.

    Even something that is not in the application folder can be launched from a support folder or alternate location.


    you could try print with the printer off, paper removed, ?

  • Steven Shmerler Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    funny thought. The way I could get into the app is to reset the driver to the original HP 1200 driver so it takes so long to pass the info to the printer which is how I stumbled upon the Advanced button in the first place. Now I can cuz the Gutenprint is too responsive.


    Which brings up an interesting point. If the only time you can get to this setting is AFTER you click print and have the printing process in process.. how dumb is that?!


    The advanced button "should" be available from the System Prefs panel, duh. But it's not.


    So if you have no delays with your driver, you'd never know there was an advanced set of configurations. The ONLY reason I know is that while in terminal hold waiting to print, I had tons of time to click every button I could find. Now I can't.


    Crazy but true

  • Malcolm J. Rayfield Level 5 Level 5

    The dock icon is from the printer app in the Printer folder in your Library folder.  You can run it from there, then right-click on its dock icon to set the option to keep it in the dock.

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    Classic Mac OS

    Sorry for interrupting this thread Steven, but did you manage to get an answer to your post found here:

    https://discussions.apple.com/message/18180164#18180164 ?

  • Steven Shmerler Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    Yes. Thank you.

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    I have the same problem, PDFs taking an age to print on my hp laserjet 1300.  It is clearly an issue with the mac as I can print the same files from a PC really quickly.  More to the point, though, is that I have Windows running in Virtual Box on my mac and the speed is fine. 


    Why should that be?



  • a brody Level 9 Level 9
    Classic Mac OS


    Most of people who participated in this thread are long gone from this thread.  It can be the driver is not in sync with the operating system, it could be that Adobe Acrobat is not installed, or it could be you are printing a PDF that is a full fledged image with no text scanned into the PDF as far as Adobe is concerned.  I suggest clearly identifying your Mac operating system, and finding the board that discusses that operating system on this forum to get an answer.

    Edit: I read your personal profile, and see you have a Macbook Pro, which is NOT the same thing as a Mac Pro.  Mac Pro's are desktop towers, and MacBook Pros are notebooks.  Since you have 10.7.2, please start a new topic thread on: https://discussions.apple.com/community/mac_os/mac_os_x_v10.7_lion where more people are likely to know how to setup printing on your Mac.

  • mohanjith Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you. I can finally print without taking forever.

  • Alex Casteleiro Level 1 Level 1

    I had same problem. HP Laserjet 1200 takes hours to print a PDF.

    I solved using this "gutenprint" that Steven Shmerlermentioned (see above)


    Google: gutenprint  or go direct to the Apple page at:





    Now it's so fast!!


    Thanks to Steven for the solution!