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We have two Powermac G5's here at our church and one of them has DIED.  I took it to our local Mac authorized service center and they told me that the reason my Mac will not start is because there is a leak on the CPU liquid cooler. The coolant is very caustic and it basically eats away the CPU connections.  The problem on this Powermac G5 started when I shut it down before I went on vacation and it was shutdown for about two weeks.  When I went to restart it, it would not restart. 


I read online that this is a known problem with these Powemac G5.  We have 10 various models of Mac computers at our church, 10 iPads, 10 or 12 iPhones and we're probably going to buy another Mac or two near future. But, I am very disappointed that Apple would let this kind issue go on especially in the light of EVERYTHING "going GREEN".  Now I am afraid to leave my other Powermac G5 shutdown for any length of time. but at the same I'm wondering if I actually have a health hazard setting in my office.  Who knows what kind of fumes are coming from this Power G5 sitting right here at my feet.


Now I said all of that to ask, is there ANY kind of recall on these POWERMAC G5 computers???  




Larry Turner