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Hey everybody!


I have been trying out the Apple Conifgurator to deploy iPad carts in my school district.  I found an issue and was wondering if anyone had similar problems or has any solutions.  I set restrictions and a restrictions password on the master iPad and created a backup of it.  It listed the restrictions as 'on'.  When I restore that backup the the other iPads they have the restrictions enabled but are listed in the settings as 'off'.  Because of this, if students went into the restritions pane, they can then set their own password and edit any setting they want.  Any ideas of why that is?  Any and all help would be appreciated!

iPad 2, iOS 5.1
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    Go to this link to find out exactly what is restored from a backup:


    Managed Configurations/Profiles. When restoring a backup to a different device, all settings related to the configuration profiles will not be restored (accounts, restrictions, or anything else that can be specified through a configuration profile). Note that accounts and settings that are not associated with a configuration profile will still be restored.




    You will have to manually set the restrictions and passcode.

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    We previously did the backups and restores in iTunes and it would pass on the restrictions password.  So it must be a bug with the configurator.

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    That has not been my experience when doing backups and restores through iTunes.

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    I just checked a few of the iPads and they all had the password on them correctly.  I also learned that they also previously used profile manager and it would copy the restrictions password.  It seems like configurator is the easiest/most efficient way of doing it.  Shame it doesn't work the same as the others.

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    There was a minor update to Apple configurator, on the 24 of August I think , some minor fixes were made and now Configurator connects a little better to different iPad. But the restriction password issue was not addressed.


    I can say however that once the restriction password is manually type into each iPad, it sticks.

    On the other hand, if the password was not manually typed, the restriction will still be enforced,  but if anyone wants to change them, they are free to do so, complete with a new password and full access.


    Even if the iPad was completely wiped out, the the restriction password will not be restored from a backup to *some* iPad, even if I tried to restore some three or four times.


    It's pretty much like hacking the software, but without a hacker I think . Just my thoughts, really.

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    I didn't see the relation between your post and Apple Configurator, it seems like it's about iTunes only. But if you know something about Configurator, please enlighten us poor begginers .

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    If you are having problems restoring different backup images to iPads, look no further.  After you create a backup image, and before you try to restore it to more iPads, QUIT APPLE CONFIGURATOR.  Completely exit out of Apple Configurator, and open it back up, and restore away!  Between different backup images, whether you are creating or restoring, completely quit out of Apple Configurator


    For some reason, Apple Configurator has an issue with loading the default Supervision profile back onto the iPadsbetween different backups.  Whenever I had the problem where my account passwords wouldn't transfer over, or my restrictions passcode wouldn't stick, I could see in the General tab that it no longer said that it was supervised, even though it was.  If I then refreshed with no changes made, the Supervision profile would then magically pop up in the General settings.  Quitting Apple Configurator was the only way to stop this from happening.  It would be awesome if this was fixed...

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    I had noticed the supervision profile not showing up in general, after refreshing, the profile showed. Thanks! The method of quiting configurator did not work for me. As for the restrictions passcode restoring from the supervised backup, I can not get it to stick. Over time I have come to realize that for me its not a problem because my supervised iPads get restored and my profiles get set each night via configurator so if anyone sets a restriciton passcode and changes anything that I did not set in a profile, my back up is restored, profiles applied and whatever someone else set is no longer there. I restore each night to wipe out user data. I don't want any inappropriate reminders or calendar events poping up. My supervised iPads are all shared and we do not keep user data...


    on a side note, all of my encrypted backups via iTunes, outside of configurator will restore all restrcitons and the restrcitons passcode. The backup must be encrypted.