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My iPhone 3G has been unlocked by Apple. Using a new SIM card (I am abroad in the UK, my home country is Switzerland) several apps crash immediately when I want to launch them. I have tried to re-install them several times - it does not help.


What to do?

iPhone 3G, iOS 4.2
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    Basic troubleshooting steps outlined in the User Guide are restart, reset, restore from backup, restore as NEW.  Have you tried ALL of these?

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    Thank you!


    Here my experiences with your suggestions:


    Restart: didn't help

    Reset: didn't help

    Backup and restore from backup: didn't help


    Backup, erase, and restore from backup: DID help! (see also http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4137).


    Though: I had to reinstall the apps (which is also what I did before without success; but also without the backup-erase-restore-procedure) - now it works.


    THANKS for your help.

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    For anyone else having this problem you may want to try my fix first to avoid a restore.


    I have a 3gs Iphone too and recently carrier unlocked from the Three network, which incidentally

    had the same problem of apps crashing immediately.

    I tried all solutions I could find and none worked so on a whim I thaught I'd try something new.


    I connected my phone to itunes on my Computer.

    I then clicked FILE > Transfer purchases from iphone. "This takes a while delete any old stuff to save time"

    When complete I checked the checkbox in Itunes to sync my apps and ticked the boxes for the apps i wanted"

    and clicked to transfer.

    Then I did one final sync down in the bottom right and my apps were working again.


    Hopefully someone from apple or another user can replicate this and make a better write up on it.


    Good Luck