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       I understand this si more a store problem but I qill post here first jsut cause there are some related articles but they seem to be windowes even though this is the itunes for mac section.  For somer eason I can no longer log into the itunes store or update my apps. However itunes did update my podcasts. Anyone else facing these problems or found a fix. I am running the latest version of OS X and itunes. Thank you




Just to update, I can not update my apps on my iphone 4S either.  This is weird as I didn't update last week. I am from Canada as well. The error I get is



There was ann error in the itunes store. Please try again later

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3), 2.2 Ghz Intel Quad Core i7, 4gb ram
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    I've also been having problems trying to log into the store, I keep getting the error message 'We could not complete your iTunes store request. The network connection was lost.' also my iPod touch keeps loosing connection with the store aswell.


    Also earlier I had been having quite a few problems downloading apps, I dont know if it's related but every app i download is getting stuck on 'waiting'.

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    I had the same issues, searching thru the posts, I ran across a post that suggest adding a credit card to your account intead of selecting "none". I added a card and it work. I lost sleep over this stupid thing! Good luck and I hope it work!

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    Last week I discovered I couldn't update apps or download new ones on my iPhone 4s. Tried logging out and in to app store, and downloading from my iTunes on my Mac computer. Nothing worked. The apps would just hang there, all grey, and the message would say "waiting..." Finally, I took it to the Apple store. The Genius Bar guy said it appears I had corrupted software _ possibly the operating system update. He wiped the phone, returning it to new but with the updated operating system installed. Then I synced to iTunes and restored my apps, contacts, etc. Now it works fine. 

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    Hey Nathan Gogal,


    This below article may help you:


    Can't connect to the iTunes Store