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JonnyITokyo Level 1 Level 1

I got a brand new Macbook Air the other week.


I noticed that sometimes, after folding the computer (with the OS running), then unfolding it - the keyboard and trackpad are not responding at the login screen. Actually if I press the keyboard it lights up properly but there is no access to the system. The only thing that works is the power button, so every time I have to power down the computer, then back on again.


Is this a know problem or should is my computer broken?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
  • JonnyITokyo Level 1 Level 1

    I should note that folding would also be called "sleep mode". Ie keyboard and trackpad are totally unresponsive after sleep mode ends.

  • captfred Level 7 Level 7

    I think I'd try both a SMC and Pram resetl  Here are instructinos for both:






  • JonnyITokyo Level 1 Level 1

    Hmm thanks for the response but I'm unsure about this. It seems that if I do a "SMC reset" I need to shutdown the computer first. Of course that always fixes the problem because it never appears after a fresh start of the computer. So I wouldn't know if that SMC reset actually helps the problem per se.

  • JonnyITokyo Level 1 Level 1

    So I did a SMC reset a while ago when the problem occurred again. The computer rebooted...

    I'm not sure if this changed anything, because I didn't have any problem again until a minute ago when the same thing occurred again. Of course, I haven't done a Pram reset but I just get the feeling that... something is broken. :-P


    What I'm wondering is:


    - does this occur to a lot of people (only me?)

    - if the above is true, do you all put up with it, or do you try to get a new computer/have it fixed with support?


    I did have a problem with my iMac that I bought 1 1/2 year ago. Suddenly the disc drive just plain stopped working (1-3 months after purchase), no suggestions worked at all and there is a thread around here with tons of people with the same problem (believe me, the disc drive in iMacs at least are of very low quality). They suggested to have the computer replaced (as did the woman at the Apple Store) - sure that would be possible if I could put up with not having access to my workstation for a couple of weeks while it's on repair/replace trip. But unfortunately I can't just sit around doing nothing for 2-3 weeks, I need that computer for my job.

    I was deeply dissatisfied with Apple's non-handling of the issue, and so were everyone else with the same problem. Eventually the 1 year warranty ended and so here I am with my iMac, disc drive broken.



    Sooo, here I am again, with my second Apple computer in life, and am just worried what will happen next. Is this something else that I'll just have to put up with, or will Apple fix it for me, or will I have to pay additional money to have this thing fixed?

  • captfred Level 7 Level 7

    Mine has never experienced the issue.

    I'd have Apple take a look at it. 

  • Costyn Level 1 Level 1

    Do you by chance run VirtualBox or VMWare? I've noticed that if I leave a VM running when I close my MBA I get the exact same behaviour. Only way to resolve the situation is hold down the power key for instant poweroff.

  • JonnyITokyo Level 1 Level 1

    Just got the problem again. Googled it again. First link, this thread. Amazing.


    I do run VirtualBox. And I run it often, like 99% of the times I use this MBA.

    Could a software like VB or VMWare really cause a problem like this?

    To me it sounds like a problem with OS X, or the MBA, or...

    In any case, I will try to remember to shut VB off everytime I fold my computer. Hope that helps.


    * just for the record. I run WindowsXP in VirtualBox, and I mostly run that in (VB style) full screen mode, inside its own desktop (added through OS X interface) which means I normally have two desktops - OS X and WinXP. I just wonder what would happen if I SSH in from another computer and kill that VB process...

  • Costyn Level 1 Level 1

    Yep, pretty sure this is it. Last Friday I closed the lid on my MBA and then realized VirtualBox was still on. Sure enough the next day I couldn't log in due to keyboard/mouse focus being stolen bij VirtualBox (my guess is that something like this is going on).


    I tried many different key combo's, but couldn't get it unlocked. Hard poweroff is the only option.


    Your SSH solution sounds interesting, I'll test that out now.

  • Costyn Level 1 Level 1

    Weird, I can't reproduce it by running virtualbox and then just selecting sleep. Not sure what other factors are needed. Perhaps longer sleep. Will try your solution next time it happens.

  • JonnyITokyo Level 1 Level 1

    Not sure at all about this but I've noticed that if Windows XP is in full screen mode in VB, it can fire off the screen saver after awhile, and also by this "overriding" OS X's screen saver. Not sure if Windows XP can also set the computer itself into sleep mode (VB would have that taken care of??). Just as a precaution I have disabled the screensaver completely in Windows XP and I haven't seen the problem at hand since. Of course I have no idea if this is related at all but so far so good. If anything happens despite of this I'll come back... I guess. :-P

  • Costyn Level 1 Level 1

    I don't have a screensaver configured in my VB VM, so I don't think that's it. I'm pretty sure it's a USB thing. When I plug in a new USB device, the VB VM automatically gets control of it. The MBA's keyboard is USB, so when it wakes from sleep, the VB VM is also revived and gets control of the 'new' keyboard and mouse that are in the system.


    You can filter out certain USB devices in the VM settings, I've included Apple internal keyboard/trackpad. Still seems to work, wonder if it'll filter out when resuming from sleep. As of now it doesn't seem to affect anything.

  • zgjie Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem today, my macbook air is 2012-mid 13inch.

  • Costyn Level 1 Level 1

    The fix in VirtualBox of excluding the macbook keyboard didn't work. Experienced the problem last week again.


    I still haven't found a relevant bug-report at VirtualBox, but the very general search terms describing the problem make Googling for it difficult.

  • dshannon4296 Level 1 Level 1

    I have had this same problem with my Macbook.  My keyboard and trackpad do not respond sometimes when I open the lid.  The monitor wakes up, but the keyboard and trackpad do not.  I also run VMWare, but it stays closed most of the time.  Even if I have no programs running when I close the lid, it still happens.  And at other times, I close and open the lid and everything works fine.  Did you ever find a solution?

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