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Hi there all,
Does any one has this Trekstor DataStation pocket x.u?
I got something strange happening. My trekstor isn't working on my powerbook g4 17" though works on any other powerbook else than this one. Well I've asked apple and they can't help me out! I also tried to download there driver for mac osX but once the folder opens it has nothing inside. Please, could you try to help me out on this. It's driving me crasy. That X.U works prefectly on my powermac G5 and on my wife's power book G4 12" and on the Imac the school i teach use. Really, it's got something strange with the powerbook G4 17". My dad has one also and it wont work neither. I would really appreciate if you could solve my problem out. I need to use it on my powerbook G4 17" also! Many thanks in advance


powerbook g4, Mac OS X (10.4.2)