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    Plug your iphone into the wall and turn the phone off. Then turn it back on after a minute or two. When you restart your phone open the Photo Stream. You should see a little wheel turning and the camera roll photos will start to appear in Photo Stream one by one. The phone needs to be connected to WiFi while you are doing this. By turning the phone off while plugged in to the jack it somehow resets the new information you put on your phone i.e. new photos in camera roll, then connects the info to icloud. Then the images will also appear on your laptop or other devises that have Photo Stream too. That's why you have a bunch of photos in Photo Stream from the past, at some point you turned your phone off and recharged it and didn't realize it was loading the photos at the same time. good luck!

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    Can I upload my entire camera roll to my mini?  if so how?

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    sorry that would be from my iphone to my mini

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    You can just copy all photos in iPhoto to the photostream and it will appear on your iphone instantly. Hope that helped.

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    Activated iCloud for both my iPhone 4s and my MB Air, and had no problem with Contacts, Calendar, but all my iPhone pics were in Camera Roll, where they remained,  I was unable to move my photos into Photostream until I used the USB port on my MB Air.  So now it's done.

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    My iPhone4s will not download photos to PC.Something with the connection it doesn't recognize the phone. I am getting new phone and want to save my existing photos.I hoped to put on iCloud somehow to save the existing photos and have them available to new phone but seems to only work with new photos. Any ideas how to save the old photos to iCloud or any other method to save to PC  wireless transfer doesnt seem to work.So slow.have over 3000 to download

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    Why doesn't Apple just make it TOTALLY simple by selecting ANY photo in ANY album and then click on it to copy or save to Photo Stream???  Why is it so hard to be able to do that??  All these 'back door' options are just a lot of extra steps.  Why does it only work with pcitures you take after you turn on Photo Stream?? This should be all you have to do: go to Photos, click on Camera Roll (or any album or photo for that matter), select it, choose the options button, click on Add To or Copy To or something along those lines and then be able to select Photo Stream.  It's not that difficult.  Come on Apple?!?!?!?  Really?  Make it work!

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    Red_Bunches wrote:


    Oh, it's easier than that.  Connect your iPhone to your PC via the USB charging cable.  Open PC Folders and double click on the iPhone.  Just keep double clicking through all the sub folders and hey presto - there's your Camera Roll photos.


    Yes it is possible on Windows to view your camera roll photos by doing this:

    1.) Click start

    2.) Click computer

    3.) Scroll down if needed to find "Portable Devices" and your phone should be listed there

    4.) Click on your phone icon then continue to click until you reach more than 1 folder.

    5.) One of the folders has every picture the other might have 1 or 2 or a video taken.


    Red_Bunches wrote:


    I don't have any films, music or anything else on my phone right now, but I presume they'll show up too.

    However this statement is false. It will not show music, videos, apps, or anything except for photos/video taken as stated in the steps above.

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    That comment makes the most sense, Hope Apple is listening! Doesn't seem like a huge problem to solve

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    Why doesn't Apple just make it TOTALLY simple by selecting ANY photo in ANY album and then click on it to copy or save to Photo Stream???


    Yeah, I'm not sure what is up with this. I would actually USE my iPhone to take pictures if I could get simply copy them into Photo Stream.

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    Is there any way to send pictures to Photo Stream that were taken from a locked screen?

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