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    I tried using the SIM eject tool on the grill and it moved it. The sound is still low, but now it's tinny too...

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    Been putting up with this for months and tried everything above this post. The pin pokery thing did work very well - used it mainly to poke out any built up dust and used a spray-duster cannister to remove dust and now have around 70% more volume than before.


    Thank you

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    I'm not sure if anyone has tried this - but I solved the volume issue - (at least on my iphone 4) - I do a lot of gaming on my phone - HOWEVER, the one game I play like it's a sin - is Bejeweled - I like hearing all the bells and whistles - but I turn the volume to low----


    So - crank up the volume in maybe some of the games you're playing - PROBLEM SOLVED (at least for me); check ALL OF YOUR GAME APPS - really, this works. 


    Again, MY problem is absolutely solved.


    Give it a try.




    Carolyn in Texas

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    I am having this issue with a Jawbone ICON headset.  The headset works perfect on my Blackberry work phone.  Move it to my new IPhone 4S and I can barely hear callers.  Also poor audio quality when the Blackberry has worked great for a couple of years.


    I've tried the volume tricks with playing a YouTube video or song and cranking it up, but the lovel only drops shortly after.  Apple needs to come clean on this.  I am a new user and really like the phone, but I won't tolerate this issue much longer.  Maybe taking the phone back will get something done.

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    I recently had the same problem. The volume was too low, almost like it's filtered or something. I tried some of the tips from this thread but none of them worked.


    However, I solved my issue with rubbing alcohol. (If you try, please do this at your own risk.) I dipped a Q-tip in rubbing alcohol to make one side wet, one side still dry. I pushed the Q-tip onto the earpiece grill left and right to make the grill wet. Then used the dry side and rubbed it on the grill to make it dry.  After that, I used an air duster to dry it out completely.


    This fixed my problem!  Basically, it seems like this issue can definitely be caused by dirt or residue being stuck in the earpiece.  The difference in volume before and after was dramatic.

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    My office just gave me an iPhone 4S and I find that the volume on calls is so low that I have to call back the person on my personal cell. The sound level is set at its loudest in the system preferences or through the side buttons and I still can not hear what the caller is saying on the phone due to the low level of the Sound. Any suggestions?

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    Yes! This worked for me. When I first tried to suck the air out of the earpiece, it seemed stuck. I tried again, and then suddenly it cleared up and the air went through. Call volume was normal after that.


    Either there was some dust there, or maybe whatever thin piece of material that is under there was stuck (or clinging to something), and then it got freed up.


    hey, better me doing that, than watching an Apple employee stick his mouth on my phone.

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    haha read your comment, looked at my phone and realised the clear cover was still on mine too feel so Duuuh right now lol

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    Most likely software "glitch" that turned volume down. It could also be something jamming the speaker. I just fixed mine by going to settings>general>international, from there change language to something other than what you have set. Then listen to a voicemail or make a call, turn up volume and it should work. Change language back obviously, good luck!

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    Yes, I fixed mine after plugging into a bogus dock / sound system. I developed the low volume earpiece issue. It must have screwed with the software setting. I went into "settings" > "Sounds"> Change with Buttons" slid to "ON" also slid the "Ringer and Alerts" back and forth. Then you can switch "Change With Buttons" back to off. I think futzing with this stuff will restore a corrupeted line of code that happened for whatever reasons. The joys of a phone that is really a computer. The clue thatit was a corrupted setting and not a physical damage to teh sound circuit was that in speaker phone mode and playing back video or music the device worked normal. Again my issue follwed immediately after pluging the phone into a 3rd party dock device with amplified speakers.

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    I had the same problem crop up this morning -- phone was working great last night then when I answered a call this morning I could barely hear the person on the other line, though they could hear me perfectly. Tried several of the listed quick fixes with no result -- finally saw where someone had posted that they cleaned out the ear speaker -- I used a can of spray air and Voila! Works perfectly again. Might not be a fix for everyone, but if you haven't tried cleaning it out it's worth a shot!

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    I am new to my iphone.. But I found when I turned the blue tooth to off.. It works perfect.. Hopes this helps you guys...

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    Try taking the clear film off phone if its covering ear piece

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    Just got mine and had the same problems. Read some replies here and cut off the film that covered the earpiece and the mouthpiece, leaving the rest over the screen. Voila! as they say en France!

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    OK, gave my daughter an iPhone 4S and told her to call me at work so I can hear how it sounds. The phone sounded great, I would not have guessed it wasn't a landline. When I get home, she tells me that she could hardly hear me when I was talking. I tried making a call to our home phone, and surprisingly, she was right. I spent an hour calling around trying to find another phone in stock so I could return this defective one and replace it with a new one.


    I made a Genius Bar appt, then searched the forum here. My daughter keeps the plastic screen protector on all of her devices until we get a real screen protector. I read the reply to "remove the plastic from the phone" and felt like the stupidest person in the world, but I'll be an eff'n genius when I get home