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Any date yet when aperture will support Fuji xPro 1 raw files?

Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
  • Keith Barkley Level 5 (6,040 points)

    Please at least glance at the questions asked. There are at least 2 with the same subject near the top of the list.


    We are just users, Apple does not provide any hints as to when cameras will be supported, it could range from any-day-now to never. Most likely less than a few months for this camera.

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    i heard that apple was running out of money and that xpro1 support was way too expensive for them to develop ... too bad

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    The discussion forums exist to help others.  Your post is not helpful.  Since sarcasm is often untranslatable, it may even mislead users whose primary language is not English, resulting in a situation in which your post is not only not helpful, but is harmful.

    olivier hericord wrote:


    i heard that apple was running out of money and that xpro1 support was way too expensive for them to develop ... too bad


    Camera support requires two companies to work together: Apple and the camera mfr.  You might enquire of Fuji as to why your camera is not currently supported by Apple.

  • Mark Alan Thomas Level 1 (85 points)

    I think it's likely that Apple will never support the X Pro 1 due to its non-standard X-Trans sensor. Apple has never supported any Sigma cameras with the non-standard Foveon sensor either. However, in the future it's possible that Aperture may finally support the ful DNG spec — specifically linear DNG — in which case it would theoretically be possible to import Foveon and X-Trans raw files by converting them to linear DNG format using the Adobe DNG Converter.

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    Actually Fuji's US representatives have stated that all the code required to translate the XPro's RAW files has been in the hands of the major RAW decoder developers for a while.  Apple has apparently not put the resources into this as they feel there is not enough demand for the extra effort required to develop for the X-Trans. 


    http://www.imaging-resource.com/news/2013/01/30/qa-with-fujifilms-kayce-baker-x- trans-ii-sensor-proves-Fuji-is-not-resting


    Phase One, Siklypix, and Adobe have all decided otherwise.  Unfortunately after waiting about 9 months for this it means I have transferred to using Lightroom for all my newer shoots.  This is after using Aperture for around 4 years.  I still don't like Lightroom as much, but I work in RAW and now use only the XPro - so I have no option.  I will wait for another 6 months or so before I decide whether or not to transfer all my legacy library over.  After that, it will be goodbye to Apple forever for my photo management.

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    Fuji now will soon have 4 cameras with the X-Trans sensor, the X Pro 1, XE1, X100S and X20. Surely it is time for Apple to support RAW for their Aperture customers.

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    I'm in the same boat - Apple has always promoted Aperture as a serious tool for photographers and the Mac as a serious graphics and image platform.  I understand the tactic to wait and see whether the Fuji sensor takes off, but as others have said; the die is cast and the number of cameras and users is growing. 


    Very frustrating that Lightroom / PS supports the format and Aperture doesn't - just makes me feel like my choice of OS and post-processing software is a bit mickey mouse by comparison.



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    Well - for the moment - the very latest version of Photoshop ACR (and Adobe DNG) have corrected the colour bleed issue. I have seen a number of comparisons with the latest Phase 1 capture Pro 7 and the differences appear to be addressed by sharpening the ACR file slightly.


    If you import RAW from the SD card into Aperture and then export it out for PS - it gives an error message and appears to lose some information. I'm not certain how serious this is but I'm saving RAW files outside Aperture to be on the safe side.

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    Yes, Adobe does support the X-Trans sensor for quite some time now - but before LightRoom 4.4, with really crappy RAW decoding quality. And even in 4.4 people are saying that the quality is not at he right level,


    So, I am not surprised that it is taking Apple so long to include the support for this sensor in Aperture. And actually, if you look at the combined market share of Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Olympus, Panasonic, Sony and Samsung (all using Bayer-type sensors), the pressure on Apple cannot be too high...

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    I understand the commercial viewpoint.  But Apple has always differentiated itself by not following the mass market; by adopting new and innovative technology; by leading rather than following.  I'd be delighted if Apple announced intent - ie "we're working on this but haven't reached our own high quality standard yet".  At least that way I could make an informed choice.


    The new fuji x-range is just one example of new generation technology improving on things past.