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For the past week my safari has been closing randomly while having safari open for lengthy periods of time (which I usually do) with the message "Safari quit unexpectedly while using hte .PictureOrganizer.png plug-in


I tried to find the specific plug-in to deactive it by searching through my Internet Plug-Ins library through Finder, but I am unable to find the specific plugin labeled PIctureOrganizerv


Any thoughts on how to stop safari from quitting due to this plug-in? or a way to find it and delete it somehow? Thank you

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    You’ve been infected with the “Flashback” malware. See this Apple support document:


    About Flashback malware


    Back up all data, if you haven't already done so.


    Select Software Update to install the latest Java update (if Java is already installed) or the Flashback malware removal tool (if Java is not installed under Lion), as well as any other available updates. Installing either of those items should clear the infection in most cases. You must update to the latest version of Mac OS X 10.6 or 10.7 before you can install the Java update.


    The removal tool runs automatically in the background and is then deleted. Don’t look for something to click. If the malware is removed, you’ll be notified.


    After you’ve secured your system — not before — change every Internet password you have, starting with banking passwords, and check all financial accounts for unauthorized transactions.