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I got my new iPod Touch 4th Gen. and everything went fine until the language for the appstore changed. The language changed into korean, but I read in English. I went to settings and everything was in English language. So I restored and the appstore was in American, but then in a few minutes it went back to korean. So I tried to go on my account by going on iTunes but it was in korean so I couldn't read anything.

iPod touch, iOS 5.1
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    Change the language in iTunes on your computer (see http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2242), then sync your phone.  (Even if you can't read it in iTunes you just click on the flag icon and choose a different flag, as shown in the linked article.)

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    I tried to log in on my iTunes and click the U.S. flag picture but it automatically signed me out. Everything is in English until I log in

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    Should be signing you out (doesn't for me at least).  Suggest you post a question about how to change iTunes store language over in the iTunes forum; they should be able to help you there.  (The iPhone inherits the language setting from iTunes when you sync so the root cause of your iPhone problem is the iTunes language setting on your computer.)