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Why  has iChat been taken from me?  I don't want to upgrade to Lion!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    iChat 5.x.x works in Snow Leopard.

    (Older versions also work in earlier OS versions)


    iChat 4 and iChat 5 had a method of getting to a registration page for @mac.com names.

    The iChat version no longer does this (but the registration page still exists)


    In addition to this if you selected AIM then the option does not work now as AIM moved their Registration pages soon after Snow Leopard came out.


    @mac.com registration page

    Keep the password to 16 characters or less (AIM server limit)

    You cannot use an email that has already been used with or is an Apple ID.


    AIM registration Page

    You cannot exceed the 16 character limit here

    You need an email for Confirmation and for Password recovery (You can use it again and again if you want to set up loads of names)


    You can chose a Name or use an existing email.


    iChat can also use Jabber IDs

    Google Mail IDs can have Talk enabled in their Google Account settings and then it can be used in iChat

    Facebook have a Chat option that needs enabling.


    Both use Jabber servers and your ID with them is a Valid Jabber name.

    There are lots of other Public Jabber servers.




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