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How can I get iMovie compatible video files onto my iPad? I have them in itunes however I can only get them to show in the video app.  they need to show in the camera roll for me to get access to them but I can't figure out how to get them in the photo app.



iPhone 3GS, iOS 4.3.2
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    Please do a search of the forums in future, this has been explained many times here.


    Sync using the Photos tab, NOT MOVIES.

    So copy your videos to a folder, or iPhoto album.

    Select this in the Photos tab under your iOS device.

    Make sure to tick Include videos:


    Photo import iTunes.jpg

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    I had searched and didnt find what i was looking for which is why I posted.


    I don't seem to have the same options as your screen shot. Is that iTunes on a mac? I'm using windows so assume that's why I don't see the same thing.

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    Download the latest version of iTunes, then plug in your iPad.

    Regardless of what OS you have you will have a photo sync option.

    It may look different being windows, but it is not so dramatically different.


    Here is a guide for photos, but works just as well for video:


    Step A: Opening iTunes and Setting Photo Sync Up
    Fire up the iTunes – Make sure that your iPad device is selected (see A1), and that you are switched to the Photos section (see A2) – finally – make sure you check “Sync Photos” Radio Button (see A3)…

    Also make sure to Tick the Include Video button!

    Open Itunes and Select Photos Folder

    Step B: Selecting Photo Folders to Sync
    You will be on the same screen – double-check that B1 is checked and move onto B2 – here you will chose folder that contains pics you want to move onto the device. Finally, for the purpose of this exercise – let’s chose “Selected Folders” as in B3 (I try to avoid “All Folders” as my photos folder has a large number of photos that would occupy pretty much all free memory space I have on my iPad)

    Select folders to be synced in iTunes

    Step C: Navigate to Photo Folder
    This should be a straight forward step that you have probably completed many times before – navigate to the folder that contains photos that you want copied onto your device – the path to your folder will be something similar to C1 (emphasis on ’similar’ – but not “the same”). Once done, click C2 (“Select Folder”) as shown on the screenshot.

    Check, Check… Select what you need in iTunes...

    Step D: Excluding Folders from Sync (SYNCING)
    In this step you will be able to exclude photo folders that you don’t want to see on your iPad – Verify that D1 and D2 are correct and then move to D3 where you will select what is being moved onto the iPad.


    Select albums you need

    Step E: Open Photo App
    Quick and easy – find a Photo app on your iPad (it’s likely it’ll not be at the same spot as shown here)

    iPad Photo App is opened

    Step F: Opening Albums View
    Once the Photo App is opened – hit the ALBUMS button (see F1):

    Switching to iPad Photo Albums View=

    Step G: Open Album
    Once in “Albums” view of the iPhoto App – you will be able to see all albums that have been synced – the albums should contain the photos you would like to see. For the puprose of this exercise I’ll hit G1 (album with Bird Photos):

    Let's select an album with photos you would like to review

    Step H: The End



    Here is another guide: