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I am having (seemingly) bluetooth connection issues with "some" devices to my MacBook Pro.  I note:


* Mouse pairs fine

* iPhone 3GS does not remain connected (focus of this forum question)


Error - after pairing my iPhone 3GS to my MBP I get an error:


The Bluetooth Network is Unavailable

There was an error connecting your device.  Make sure the device is turned on and in range.



* MacBook Pro details:

  Model Name:          MacBook Pro

  Model Identifier:          MacBookPro6,2

  Processor Name:          Intel Core i7


  System Version:          Mac OS X 10.7.3 (11D50b)


Background: Ultimately interested in teethering my iPhone 3G data connection to my MacBook Pro, but for the moment the bluetooth connection won't even remain in place.

MacBook (Intel), Mac OS X (10.4.9)
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    thanks - I think I've covered this but I'll go through it all again tonight...


    Question - Is it necessary to have the hot spot running on the iPhone prior to trying to establishing the bluetooth connection from the MacBook to the iPhone? 

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    You're welcome.


    Read here:



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    thanks - will check again at home - I didn't want to confuse this post question however I also can't seem to teether from iPhone 3GS to MacBook Pro via USB either...so kind of feels like something more sinister...


    Additional note - Should have mentioned I can teether successfully from my iPhone 3GS to our iPad 2 (so it's just when trying to teether to my MacBook Pro I'm having the issue)....

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    nothing in these articles helped unfortunately - some more clarification:


    • tethering via USB from iPhone 3G to MacBook Pro => WORKS
    • tethering via Bluetooth => does NOT work, with bluetooth connectioning not staying up


    During pairing process:


    • devices "see each other"
    • pairing appears to work, then you see that the connection drops out directly afterwards (almost immediately)
    • on iPhone message = "Connection Unsuccessful - XXX's MacBook Pro is not supported"
    • on MacBook - it's just the connection in Bluetooth options shows up as not connected
    • in /var/log/system I see some bluetooth related lines:

    Apr 18 19:33:14 Gregs-MacBook-Pro bnepd[18950]: [IOBluetoothDevice instantiateChannel] BluetoothHCIAuthenticationRequested failed (0x0006), so retry

    Apr 18 19:33:14 Gregs-MacBook-Pro sandboxd[18966] ([18950]): bnepd(18950) deny mach-lookup com.apple.blued

    Apr 18 19:33:14 Gregs-MacBook-Pro bnepd[18950]: [IOBluetoothDevice instantiateChannel] BluetoothHCIAuthenticationRequested failed (0x0006), so disconnect device

    Apr 18 19:33:53 Gregs-MacBook-Pro blued[22]: Removing Bluetooth configured device: 00-26-08-23-23-9d


    Any other ideas?  Is it a physical problem with my MBP?  but then again my bluetooth mouse stays connected ok.  And in terms of the iPhone well it tethers fine to the iPad via bluetooth....

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    Is it really not possible to connect 3gs bluetooth to MBP? I was able to pair them but the iphone said MBP is not compatible and just asked me to "forget this network"

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    I have exactly the same problem ! Any luck with that?

    It used to work fine and now it doesn't even connect to my iPad