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I know the gray disks are machine specific.


Some of the black disks are upgrade only and require a previous OS.


The full install black disks have different numbers on them such as 2Z691-5811-A, 2Z691-5303-A, 2Z691-5599-A, etc. Some of these are 10.4, 10.4.3, 10.4.6, etc. Some are OEM, some are Retail, some don't specify. Tiger variations run from Darwin 8.0 to Darwin 8.11, twelve different versions, with divisions within them. As far as I can tell from this chart:  I need Tiger 10.2 8E90 which was released exclusively for the Power Mac G5 Dual and Quad. Somewhere in the Tiger releases there was a change to accommodate Intel processors. My G5 has Power PC 970 processors.


I'm trying to find a Tiger full install DVD that will work on my 2003 Power Macintosh G5 2.0 GHz DP Power PC 970. Some of the disks say they will work on any G5 but then go on to list several 2004 and 2005 machines without mention of 2003 models. Hence my confusion about what will work and what won't work on my 2003 G5 Mac.


I am installing a second drive for Tiger. The machine has Leopard 10.5.8 installed on the stock drive. I bought this machine for two reasons. 1) to run my Adobe 7.0 software and 2) it has an ADC connector for my 23” Cinema HD Display. Adobe will upgrade to 7.0.1 to work with the G5 processors but it will not work with Leopard, it is maxed out at 10.4.11 Tiger OS.


So, my question to the community is, what Tiger will work with my equipment?  Apple has no answers, Adobe has no answers. I am hopeful there will be someone with enough knowledge of the software, the hardware and the OS to help me out here.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3), 2.66 GHz Intel Core2Duo (Mar 2009)
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    You don't need that special version for a 2003 G5, that is for Dual Core & Quads, not needed for the Dual CPU none Dual Core models.


    2Z691-5811-A is the Install Disk for PPC Macs, G3, G4, and most G5s... 10.4.6

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    You can find out what Mac OS can run on your machine by looking at:


    Remember, the version of Mac OS that came with a machine may have extra drivers than in the shrink wrapped version of software.  You need to get a later point release of the software. example if it came with 10.4.1 you should try at least 10.4.2 or even better as near as you can get to 10.4.11.



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    More info for your search. Search for MA453Z/A (10.4.6), MA190Z/A (10.4.3) and M9639Z/A (10.4). Be sure & buy a retail version tiger.jpg

    and not a model specific version (gray) (See Can I use another Mac's system restore disc on my Mac?.


    After you install the base 10.4.x, update to the final Tiger version 10.4.11. Here's the link for the 10.4.11 combo update


    Look at this link Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger Installing Software Support Page


    You can also download the Tiger Installation and Setup Guide


    Be sure to select Preserve Users & Settings. Also, repair permissions before and after the install.


     Cheers, Tom

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    Hello BDAqua,


    I was hoping you would see this and respond. I have been looking for and researching for Tiger. I was outbid on eBay for a 2Z691-5811-A Tiger DVD. All of the full install DVDs are fetching some good bucks. If I understand you right my Mac is a dual processor, not a dual core. I hadn't thought about that, the Intels are the dual core. This chart has all of the Tiger versions:


    The 10.4.6 is for upgrade from 10.4.5 for both kinds of processors according to that chart. Is this also a full install DVD? I'm wondering about that, “... most G5s...” and I'm also wondering about those other 2Z691 versions, whether they will work or not. The 5811-A is hard to find even on eBay, I've seen two and lost a bid on one that I thought I would win. Bidding is aggressive on these things. I bid $30. over the high bid in the last few seconds and still lost. That was before I found the chart describing the versions. I'm thinking 10.4.0 is what I need after reading the chart. Everything after that has either update or exclusive in the linked descriptions. It seems unlikely that only one out of all these Tiger versions and retail versions would work for me. But the information on them is confusing and I can't find anything specific when reading about the computer, for Tiger. This computer originally came with 10.2.7 installed and currently has the maximum, OS 10.5.8. I have my new HD ready to install into the computer and I am eager to get Tiger for it so I can put my Adobe software in there as well.


    One thing is the no return policy of most of the eBay sellers. Of course I could always resell it, but I would like to have the correct DVD on the first buy. I'm still listing the 5811-A as my first choice on my watch list. But there are others as well and I would like to be confident when I am bidding on a Tiger DVD. Any thoughts on those other disks, or should I wait for the 5811-A?

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    I know what can run on my Mac, it started out new with 10.2.7 and has 10.5.8 on it now. I want to do a full, clean Tiger install to a second drive so I can run my Adobe 7.0 software, it won’t run in Leopard. I need to know which Tiger will give me a full install on my 2003 2.0 GHz DP Power PC 970. Some of these full retail (black) DVDs don’t mention my Mac. They list 2004 and 2005 various Macs. And then there’s the line, ”… most G5s …“. I have to wonder which will work for me. Here’s the list of all Tigers Apple cut loose.

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    I know the gray disks are machine specific.


    Some of the black disks are upgrade only and require a previous OS.


    I want to do a clean install to a second HD. I know about the combo update but I’m not sure which base 10.4 Tiger will work on my Mac. There seems to be confusing info on my specific Power Mac, 2003 2.0 GHz DP Power PC 970, and the various Tiger DVDs. Here is the list:

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    If I understand you right my Mac is a dual processor, not a dual core.


    Correct, only the Late 2005 G5s with PCIe are Dual Core, & the Quad has both Dual Cores & dual CPUs.



    I'm wondering about that, “... most G5s...”


    I'm wondering myself why the "most" is there, but too much water under the bridge & that's what my note on it says, but I think 10.4.6 will work on any, & maybe 10.4.3 only on some, like yours. ???



    The 10.4.6 is for upgrade from 10.4.5 for both kinds of processors according to that chart.


    AS I recal, only the 10.4 Server Discs were Universal, both PPC & Intell, all Intel Client Discs were Gray & machine specific. But maybe it was only 10.4.6 Server that was Universal...



    (oh, maybe I misread that, Universal means PPC & Intel)


    See also...



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    The original poster has attracted the true experts on this subject.  Texas Mac Man posted his standard post on the subject.  It has stood the test of time.


    I've noticed in the ask article that there is a semi-colon in the note:

    "About the Mac OS X 10.4.6 Update (delta) PowerPC; Final retail release"


    The first part, is is link the downloadable update.  The second part "Final retail release" doesn't have a link.  Unless something changed in Apples terminalogy, this is what we refer to around here as the full retail release. An will work on your machine. 


    Also, this article is one of those low cost composite articles that are intended to attract google searches.  I would not get excited about minor differences in wording.  It's a good composite.


    I have never tried 10.4.6  DVD.  I realize that you are spending money & I am not. 


    I think you are over analyzing the thing.  I have to commend you for doing your analysis before you buy. So many posters come here after they have bought the wrong item.



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    … & maybe 10.4.3 only on some, like yours. ???


    Well, I got the Tiger OS, 2Z691-5601-A, I needed for my 2003 Power Mac G5 2.0 DP. An Apple Care specialist told me the 4 CD set for Tiger 10.4.3 would work for me along with the online updates to 10.4.11, of course. And the best part is I managed to get it for free! Not as convenient as the DVD but the price is right.


    My plan from here is to install 8GB of OWC RAM, install my new 1 TB Hitachi HD, format and partition it -- one for Tiger/Adobe and one for storage -- and I should be good to go. I’ll use the Leopard HD for anything else I might want to do on it and have a dedicated work station on the Tiger HD. This system will eventually go to a second (summer) location. My 2010 27” SL iMac i7 will be my primary (winter) system when I get new Adobe software for it, later.


    Anyone see any problem with the above plan, or potential issues, full install to a clean disk (have never done that)? Got any tips or advice on anything? How about that Adobe 7.0.1, will it play nice with the latest Adobe version in terms of files going back and forth? As long as the 7.0 files open on the iMac I will be ok -- I may want to start work on the G5 and finish on the i7.


    Hey, thanks to all who responded with expertise, advice, links and thoughts. Your help is greatly appreciated. It was quite a conundrum for me given the lack of specific information available. The community input was invaluable.




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    Great to hear Dave, your plan sounds good, but no idea on the PS compatibility issue.

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    Hey, thanks to all who responded with expertise, advice, links and thoughts. Your help is greatly appreciated. It was quite a conundrum for me given the lack of specific information available. The community input was invaluable.


    Hi Tom,


    I was looking at the links you sent with particular interest in the .pdf Install Setup Guide. I will be installing from the 4 disk CD 10.4.3 set to a brand new, second HD. When I choose the Erase and Install method I assume the HD will automatically be formatted. I want to partition the 1T HD into at least two parts, one for the OS/software and one for storage of files. I have never done a full install to a new HD. I think I used CD install disks a long time ago, I seem to remember being prompted to insert the next disk. Also, I have never partitioned a disk, so naturally I have a few questions.


    1) Since Apple does not support partitioning of disks, as I understand from Apple Tech Support, I need some guidance in doing that. What should I do first, install the OS or partition. If the answer is partition, what format should I use? I welcome any other partitioning tips as well.


    2) Since the HD is so big, 1T, I’m thinking I should make 3 or 4 partitions. Two for storage and one for OS 9, I used to enjoy tinkering with OS 9. I don’t know if I can put 9.2 in there as a stand alone OS or use it as a start up volume. I do have an old OS 9 install disk.


    3) When I update to 10.4.11 will I be able to use the 10.4.3 install CD to start up from a disk? I assume Disk One would contain the startup volumes, but I seem to remember not being able to startup from a disk with an older OS than the one installed on the machine. Does the 10.4.11 constitute a newer system than the 10.4.3 on the disk? 10.5.8 is installed on the stock HD but I don't have a Leopard disk.


    4) I don't remember Tiger's backup system -- Time Machine? Or what is the best way to back up to an external drive?


    I know some of this is simple, basic stuff, but I have not had much or any experience with these things. Apple documents seem to assume you know nothing or assume you know what you’re doing, at least that’s my perception of them, and I am usually left somewhere in between scratching my head. I get better, understandable advice from the community than I do from Apple’s documentation. Since this G5 is an old machine I don’t have Apple Care for questions. Even if I did they won’t tell me anything about partitioning and sometimes the lower level tech folks don’t inspire confidence with their limited knowledge. The higher level tech people are good but I usually don’t get bumped up to them. So, what can you tell me?



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    I will contact Adobe, then, but it's a hassle waiting for someone, usually in India or someplace, to whom I have to explain my question several times and then wait on hold several times while they go look for answers which have nothing to do with my question.


    Perhaps someone here will see this and know the information I need. I will wait a while before I resort to Adobe -- might save me an hour of frustration.


    Seems to me the 7.0 files should open in the latest CS6 or maybe CS7 by the time I get it. That's all I really need to know. I don't expect the CS files to open in 7.0 and I won't need to do that anyway since only some of my workflow will go from 7.0 to CS.

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    Hey, thanks to all who responded with expertise, advice, links and thoughts. Your help is greatly appreciated. It was quite a conundrum for me given the lack of specific information available. The community input was invaluable.


    Hi Robert,


    It turns out, according to Apple Care to whom I was referred by another Apple department, that I need 10.4.3 for my 2003 Power Mac G5. You'll like this story. I was talking with an iPhone sales person getting some details about the iPhone which I was buying for my wife. When our conversation was finished he asked if there was anything else he could do for me. So I mentioned the Tiger question and he referred me to Apple Care. As soon as I mentioned what I needed she asked for my billing address. I asked why she wanted that and she said she would send it to me and told me I would have to go online and update the OS via the combo update. I couldn't believe this so I questioned her further and asked for the number which she said was 2Z034-3537-A. That sounded right so I figured she must know what she's doing and I paid $24.91 which included tax and shipping. I was pondering this and decided to search for that unfamiliar number which I could not find anywhere. So I called Apple and told the story to a sales person who told me Apple Care are the experts and she was 99% sure I was going to get what I needed and that she would have referred me to them as well. Still dubious, I thought we’ll see. Sure enough I got a FedEx package 2 days later, and sure enough it was too good to be true. She sent me a software license agreement booklet. So I called Apple and spoke with someone who transferred me to Apple Care, told them the story and was lucky to get a helpful person this time. He did all of the checking around that was needed and ended up sending me at no charge the 4 CD 10.4.3 set. He also transferred me to someone who could refund my $24.91. So, for the expense of a little frustration I got my Tiger OS, well, it’s in the mail, I think. I still haven’t gotten an email confirmation or tracking number. But I am hopeful.



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    Wow, wonderful treat, thanks!

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