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Looking for advice to create workshops for  training the elderly and seniors on how to enjoy and use the Ipads.With the right support beleive this will increase the aging poulation in having a better understanding and  stop any fears using and purchasing equipment.Hoping to create sales and training with the elderly  in South Australia.

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    Great question...I helped develop training for seniors with iPads and iPhone that launched last fall at Senior Living Communities throughout the midwest.  The organization is www.SeniorTechRally.com and a video describing the experience is here: http://vimeo.com/mme/techrally


    We found that apple products were highly intuitive and made the experience for seniors very enjoyable.  But the key is not to lecture, but rather create an "experience" around the training.  Let them touch, play and interact with the devices.  And give them personal assistance when they hit roadblocks or have questions.

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    Thank you for your response to my question

    The video was very inspirational and your advice and good use of creative learning

    Here in South Australia we have a growing aged population and I believe that  it would benefit the elderly if they had the chance to have a go 

    My Next step would be to find sponsorship. any ideas?

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    A couple of ideas...find businesses that want to build brand recognition for seniors...you have to be careful with this though because you are not designing a program with a big sell - trying to pitch product.  Rather you want sponsors who want to build good will with seniors and are willing to do so by sponsoring the event.


    Also, retirement and active adult communities would be willing to pay and contribute a certain amount of dollars just to get the program into their community - especially for some that would see the value of having it as a "marketing" opportunity for them.


    These are just some ideas.

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    Once again thankyou for your reply, both ideas are great.


    Both Ideas do require  work on creating the marketing tools needed such as folders and pamphlets for sponsors and community organisers to  be excited, any ideas on types of facts they would like to see ?


    My other option is to contact Tech Rally and ask for assistance . Considering they have already done the project to a high standard , do you think they would be interested in promoting similar workshops in Australia?