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I am looking in to getting some protection to recover and make life hard for a thief, if my MBP should get stolen. 


I found several products doing a search.  They are for example: GadgetTrak Laptop Security, Hidden, LoJack for Laptops, Rest safe.


My question is has anybody any experience with any of these products, or other ones, that you would say is a good investment and worth it.  Or possible other ways of doing so that I did not think of.


Love to hear your knowledge before I invest.



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Reply by ds store on Apr 18, 2012 3:15 AM Helpful
Prey is good, you want the crook to use the computer and thus Prey can give up it's location, which you take that info to the police and have them grab it. If the crook doesn't use the machine they will wipe it and Prey will be gone. You must maintain proof of purchase and other information to prove to the police it's your machine or else the guy will say you sold it to them for cash, no reciept and then your deadlocked. A dummy general user account with no password or a easy clue, with another admin account locked down may be enough for the crook to use the machine trying to find out how to break the admin password, etc., which Prey will be doing it's job in the background. When you grab the machine, you give the cops the admin password and it opens the user account, thus proving you didn't sell it..  Of course the best course of action is to watch your stuff and don't turn your back on it for a second because they are waiting to snatch it.
Reply by wjosten on Apr 18, 2012 4:28 AM Helpful
Nothing is fool proof. The deal with any tracking software is you want the thief to use your computer & not be aware any tracking software is installed. If they suspect tracking software, well they will just format the drive & that's that. That's why I like prey...there is no indication it is installed & it's free & works. Regarding a firmware password...IMO, more problems than protection, but each to their own.

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