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Hi! If I buy an ipad from an apple store in UK and then move in another country, do I lose the waranty? Can the authorised service provider of any other country repair an iPad  that I bought from UK without any extra cost?

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    The warranty should be international, assuming that the iPad model you have has been officially released in the country in which you need service. If it has not, the service centers in that country will not have replacement stock to provide service, This is also assuming that the iPad is not a country-specific model; I don't know of any in the UK, as there are in the US (the Verizon and Sprint models), so that shouldn't be an issue.


    Some service centers in some countries, though, have been reported to balk at servicing units not purchased in that country, though they should not. Make sure you have at least a valid receipt so you can show proof of purchase.



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    Thanks a lot!!!

    You solved my wondering